Package org.apache.commons.cache

Object caching service.


Interface Summary
Cache A Cache defines an API for storing and later retrieving Objects based upon key values.
CachedObjectInfo A simple interface publishing meta-information about a cached object.
CachedObjectIterator An Iterator for walking over cached objects.
EvictionPolicy tk.
GroupMap tk.
RetrievalListener tk.
Stash tk.
StashPolicy tk.
StorageListener tk.

Class Summary
BaseCache An abstract base Cache implementation, managing the registration of listeners and the broadcast of events.
BaseRetrievalListener A base RetrievalListener implementation, defining all methods as no-ops.
BaseStash An abstract base Stash implementation, mapping the non-serialized versions of BaseStash.canStore(,, java.lang.Long, java.lang.Long, and,, java.lang.Long, java.lang.Long, to the serialized ones, and declaring BaseStash.wantsSerializedForm() to return false.
BaseStashPolicy An abstract base implementation of StashPolicy, declaring the non-serialized version of shouldStore to invoke the serialized one, and wantsSerializedForm to return false.
BaseStorageListener A base StorageListener implementation, defining all methods as no-ops.
CachedObjectInfoImpl A simple implementation of CachedObjectInfo.
CacheStat .
FileStash tk.
GroupMapImpl tk.
LRUEvictionPolicy tk.
MemoryStash tk.
NoOpCache A Cache that doesn't.
ShareableFileStash tk.
SimpleCache tk.
StaleObjectEvictor tk.

Package org.apache.commons.cache Description

Object caching service.

See Cache.

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