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Packages that use ClazzElement

Uses of ClazzElement in org.apache.commons.clazz

Subinterfaces of ClazzElement in org.apache.commons.clazz
 interface ClazzFeature
          Common superinterface for ClazzProperty, ClazzOperation...
 interface ClazzInstanceFactory
          An object resposible for allocating new instances of a Clazz.
 interface ClazzOperation
 interface ClazzProperty
          Describes a Property of instances of a Clazz.

Classes in org.apache.commons.clazz that implement ClazzElement
 class Clazz

Uses of ClazzElement in org.apache.commons.clazz.bean

Classes in org.apache.commons.clazz.bean that implement ClazzElement
 class BeanClazz
          Dynamically constructed Clazz.
 class BeanClazzConstructorInstanceFactory
          An instance factory based on a Constructor.
 class BeanClazzInstanceFactory
 class BeanClazzOperation
 class BeanClazzProperty

Uses of ClazzElement in org.apache.commons.clazz.common

Classes in org.apache.commons.clazz.common that implement ClazzElement
 class ClazzElementSupport
 class ClazzFeatureSupport
          Maintains common behavior of various implementations of ClazzFeature.

Uses of ClazzElement in org.apache.commons.clazz.reflect

Subinterfaces of ClazzElement in org.apache.commons.clazz.reflect
 interface ReflectedProperty
          The same reflected property may have more than one name.

Classes in org.apache.commons.clazz.reflect that implement ClazzElement
 class ReflectedClazz
          This implementation of Clazz is based on Java reflection.

Uses of ClazzElement in org.apache.commons.clazz.reflect.common

Classes in org.apache.commons.clazz.reflect.common that implement ClazzElement
 class ReflectedAccessorPairProperty
 class ReflectedConstructorInstanceFactory
          A wrapper for a java constructor.
 class ReflectedListProperty
 class ReflectedMethodFeatureSupport
          A wrapper for a java method.
 class ReflectedMethodInstanceFactory
          A wrapper for a static java method that returns an instance of the Clazz.
 class ReflectedMethodOperation
          A ClazzOperation that is a wrapper for a java method.
 class ReflectedScalarProperty

Uses of ClazzElement in org.apache.commons.clazz.reflect.extended

Classes in org.apache.commons.clazz.reflect.extended that implement ClazzElement
 class ExtendedReflectedClazz
 class ReflectedMappedProperty

Uses of ClazzElement in org.apache.commons.clazz.reflect.standard

Classes in org.apache.commons.clazz.reflect.standard that implement ClazzElement
 class StandardReflectedClazz

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