Package org.apache.commons.betwixt

This package contains the main betwixt introspection code.


Class Summary
AttributeDescriptor AttributeDescriptor describes the XML attributes to be created for a bean instance.
BeanProperty Betwixt-centric view of a bean (or pseudo-bean) property.
BindingConfiguration Stores mapping phase binding configuration.
Descriptor Describes a content node mapping.
ElementDescriptor ElementDescriptor describes the XML elements to be created for a bean instance.
IntrospectionConfiguration Stores introspection phase binding configuration.
NodeDescriptor Common superclass for ElementDescriptor and AttributeDescriptor.
Options Collective for Betwixt optional behaviour hints.
TextDescriptor Describes mixed-content text.
XMLBeanInfo XMLBeanInfo represents the XML metadata information used to map a Java Bean cleanly to XML.
XMLIntrospector XMLIntrospector an introspector of beans to create a XMLBeanInfo instance.
XMLUtils XMLUtils contains basic utility methods for XML.

Package org.apache.commons.betwixt Description

This package contains the main betwixt introspection code. XMLIntrospector produces a XMLBeanInfo instance specifying how the introspected class maps to xml elements and attributes. The AttributeDescriptor and ElementDescriptor classes detail how members of a bean map to xml attributes and elements respectively.

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