Commons Discovery Changes

Release History

0.5TBDMaintainance release.

Release 0.5 - TBD

fixEnumeration in Service class is broken. Fixes DISCOVERY-3.simonetripodi
fix[discovery] Doesn't work with ClassLoaders that do not support getResource() Fixes DISCOVERY-6.simonetripodi
updateDiscovery failed to load an inner class. Fixes DISCOVERY-7.simonetripodi
updateDocumentation of other use cases. Fixes DISCOVERY-9.simonetripodi
fixService.providers Enumeration does not catch and discard UnsatisfiedLinkErrors and ExceptionInInitializerErrors. Fixes DISCOVERY-11.simonetripodi
fixSPI implementation class searching logic has some issues: it discards all errors; it only considers first className in supplied classNames array. Fixes DISCOVERY-12.simonetripodi
fixProblem with Oracle JVM classLoader. Fixes DISCOVERY-13.simonetripodi
updateMoved to Java5 APIs, used Generics. Fixes DISCOVERY-14.simonetripodi
updateCustom org.apache.commons.discovery.log.Log implementation replaced by default commons-logging behavior. Fixes DISCOVERY-15.simonetripodi
updateThe setLog() methods are not thread-safe and should be deprecated. Fixes DISCOVERY-16.simonetripodi
fixEnumeration returned by Service.providers has a broken behavior. Fixes DISCOVERY-17.simonetripodi