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Packages that use FeedList
org.apache.commons.feedparser.locate A feed AutoDiscovery parser which supports both RSS and Atom. 

Uses of FeedList in org.apache.commons.feedparser.locate

Methods in org.apache.commons.feedparser.locate that return FeedList
static FeedList FeedLocator.locate(String resource)
          Locate all feeds within the given resource.
static FeedList FeedLocator.locate(String resource, String content)
          Locate the feed with the given content.

Methods in org.apache.commons.feedparser.locate with parameters of type FeedList
static List ProbeLocator.locate(String resource, String content, FeedList list)
static List LinkLocator.locate(String resource, String content, FeedList list)
static List DiscoveryLocator.locate(String resource, String content, FeedList list)
          Locate a feed via RSS/Atom auto-discovery.

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