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Tag Total number of occurrences
@todo 14

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Number of occurrences found in the code: 14

org.apache.commons.scaffold.http.ResourceServlet Line
The PROPERTIES_KEY could be made configurable, but the BaseAction would need to be notified. 257
org.apache.commons.scaffold.lang.BaseException Line
Add message bundle to package and localized messages. 25
org.apache.commons.scaffold.lucene.Engine Line
Make singleton instead of static 43
org.apache.commons.scaffold.sql.CommandStore Line
refactor to use Collection based on preface. 45
Refactor to make appending preface.key optional 72
org.apache.commons.scaffold.sql.StorageBeanBase Line
Refactor recycle,restore,delete to use common util method 100
Javadocs for new classes 101
Use reflection to read parameter key and make array from that. 102
Check for key.paramlist then paramlist. 104
Permit each subclass to have its own properties (collection of properties, like Struts Actions). 105
Switch to CommandStore (or eliminate that object if not needed). 107
Add properties to manage optimistic locking 109
Change from BeanUtil.populate to copyProperties in 1.1 version. 110
Refactor to use fixed-length high/low String as key. 943


Number of occurrences found in the code: 7

org.apache.commons.scaffold.http.ResourceServlet Line
Externalize messages using commons resources. Previous suggestion was to use MessageResources, but this would create a dependency on Struts. A better option would be to use Commons Resources, which Struts will eventually migrate to. 40
org.apache.commons.scaffold.sql.ConnectionAdaptor Line
Add Map to store reference to other datasoruces. 142
Add cache to store references to the datasources by key. 156
org.apache.commons.scaffold.sql.StorageBeanBase Line
Refactor this to use a CommandStore 144
org.apache.commons.scaffold.util.StorageBean Line
Multiple queries in a command 77
Parameters in command file 78
CommandStore objects 79