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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
BCEL-287 IINC does not handle -128 properly Bug Fixed Resolved
BCEL-251 Pass3aVerifier visitANEWARRAY() does not allow 255 array dimensions Bug Fixed Resolved
BCEL-129 Main ClassFormatException when instrumenting a Java 5 class Bug Fixed Resolved
BCEL-121 Main Calculation in LocalVariableTable.getLocalVariable is incorrect Bug Fixed Closed
BCEL-113 Main AnnotationDefault needs a dump method Bug Fixed Closed
BCEL-84 Main BCEL 5.2 - MethodGen does not initialize max_stack and max_locals properly Bug Fixed Resolved
BCEL-75 Main LineNumberTable toString method uses jdk 1.4 StringBuffer append(StringBuffer) method. Bug Fixed Closed
BCEL-38 Main Code attribute set for native (and abstract?) methods. Bug Fixed Resolved
BCEL-4 Main Pass3b Verifier is corrupted Bug Fixed Resolved
BCEL-298 Add some files to .gitignore Improvement Fixed Resolved
BCEL-80 Main [GSOC] jakarta-bce-jdk15l Improvement Fixed Resolved
BCEL-171 Request git mirror from infra Task Fixed Resolved
6.3.1 BCEL-297 Possible NPE in override implementation of Object.equals Bug Fixed Resolved
6.3.1 BCEL-267 Main Race conditions on static fields in BranchHandle and InstructionHandle Bug Fixed Resolved
6.3.1 BCEL-315 NullPointerException at org.apache.bcel.classfile.FieldOrMethod.dump() Improvement Fixed Closed
6.3 BCEL-304 Main ClassPath.getClassFile() and friends do not work with JDK 9 and higher Bug Fixed Closed
6.3 BCEL-305 ClassPath.getClassFile() and friends do not work with JRE 9 and higher New Feature Fixed Closed
6.2 BCEL-295 Incorrect live range information in LocalVariableGen Bug Fixed Resolved
6.2 BCEL-296 Incorrect comment in several classes. Improvement Fixed Resolved
6.2 BCEL-294 Main Incorrect comment in StackMap.java Improvement Fixed Resolved
6.2 BCEL-301 org.apache.bcel.classfile.ClassFormatException: Invalid byte tag in constant pool: 20 New Feature Fixed Closed
6.2 BCEL-300 org.apache.bcel.classfile.ClassFormatException: Invalid byte tag in constant pool: 19 New Feature Fixed Closed
6.1 BCEL-289 Parser Crash when parsing constructor of inner classes with parameters annotated Bug Fixed Closed
6.1 BCEL-286 Utility.signatureToString fails if a method has multiple type arguments Bug Fixed Closed
6.1 BCEL-284 Main InvokeDynamic needs to override getReferenceType to return 'something' more right Bug Fixed Closed
6.1 BCEL-283 Support for StackMap should be different from StackMapTable Bug Fixed Closed
6.1 BCEL-277 Main Resolving the String representation of a constant throws NoSuchElementException in case of CONSTANT_NameAndType constant. Bug Fixed Closed
6.1 BCEL-276 LocalVariableTypeTable is not updated. Bug Fixed Closed
6.1 BCEL-79 Main java.lang.ClassFormatError: LVTT entry for 'local' in class file org/shiftone/jrat/test/dummy/CrashTestDummy does not match any LVT entry Bug Fixed Closed
6.1 BCEL-293 Add Automatic-Module-Name MANIFEST entry for Java 9 compatibility Improvement Fixed Closed
6.1 BCEL-292 Add minimal Java 9 support New Feature Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-273 Main Regressions running FindBugs on BCEL6 Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-271 FCONST pattern does not include FCONST_2 Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-264 Add missing Node.accept() implementations (ConstantMethodHandle, ConstantMethodType, ParameterAnnotationEntry) Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-260 ClassDumper example duplicates field attribute types Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-258 No tests to check the output of dump methods Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-257 INVOKESPECIAL, INVOKESTATIC, INVOKEVIRTUAL need to define dump() methods Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-254 Two more methods that would be nice to be public. Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-253 Pass 3b verifier is too strict. Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-249 Check for max Short seems wrong Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-245 Type class includes constants that reference subclasses Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-243 Type.getType() needs to understand TypeVariableSignature(s) Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-239 Interfaces should not be used to define constants Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-237 non-empty final arrays should be private as they are mutable Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-234 Code must not swallow Throwable Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-227 @author tags should be removed. Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-226 FIx RAT messages Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-219 Make org.apache.bcel.classfile.ConstantPool.ConstantPool(DataInput) public Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-217 Main long type instructions are not searched by InstructionFinder using regular expression Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-209 Bug fixes and improvements to InvokeDynamic and BootStrapMethods implementation Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-208 Need to check for an empty InstructionList Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-207 RemoveLocalVariable(s) doesn't remove the associated Targetters. Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-203 Incorrect return types in Runtime...ParameterAnnotations Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-202 StackMap[Table]Entry.copy() needs to be deep; Improved support for StackMaps Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-195 Main addition of hashCode() to generic/Instruction.java breaks Targeters Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-194 LocalVariableGen hashCode() function is incorrrect. Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-193 Verifier aastore instruction should not raise a verify error if an assignment compatiblity error is detected Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-188 Verifier Invalid verification of the returned value of a method Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-187 Verifier Verification error when an invoke references a method defined in superclass Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-186 Performance degradation with the UTF8 cache Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-184 Verifier JustIce verifier does not check correctly the returned value of a method Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-181 org.apache.bcel.util.ClassLoaderRepository.loadClass(String) leaks input streams Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-177 Parser MethodParameters should read 1 byte not two for parameter count Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-176 util.ClassPath.getClassFile(String name, String suffix) - unused loop variable Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-174 Verification of interfaces with default methods fails with Java 8 Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-173 ClassParser fails to parse JDK classes in Java 8: ClassFormatException: Invalid byte tag in constant pool Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-167 Main ClassPath.getResource does not correctly perform URL escaping Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-165 Main getAnnotationEntries methods in JavaClass and FieldOrMethod duplicate code Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-164 Main Method does not have a method to access parameter annotations Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-159 Main LocalVariableGen.getLocalVariable() computes incorrect length Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-157 Main Add support for INVOKEDYNAMIC and MethodHandles, et. al. Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-156 Main Pass3bVerifier crashes on empty methods Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-155 Main InstConstraintVisitor does not handle class constants Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-154 Main ClassParser.parse() generates NPE if it cannot open the file Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-153 Main Examples not present in source or binary downloads Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-152 Main Incorrect link for Jasmin assembler language Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-151 Main Code attribute size not updated Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-148 Main BCELifier produces incorrect code for methods containing loads of class literals from constant pool Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-146 Main SyntheticRepository.loadClass() fails to close the inputStream Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-145 Main Type.getReturnTypeSize() doesn't decode Type.getTypeSize() output Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-143 Main Fix CPL License issues with EnclosingMethod.java and LocalVariableTypeTable.java Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-141 Main Select instructions should implement StackConsumer instead of StackProducer Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-140 Main org.apache.bcel.generic.Instruction.equals(Object) does not follow Object.equals(Object) rules Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-138 Main FieldInstruction.getFieldSize() doesn't decode Type.getTypeSize() output Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-137 Main "Invalid method signature: TT;" when using MethodGen for a method having a generic parameter Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-135 Main BCELifier issue: BCELFactory fails to handle float and long constants Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-134 Main ExecutionVisitor doesn't support Class constant type for LDC and LDC_W Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-133 Main org.apache.bcel.classfile.ClassParser: NullPointerException caused by invalid filename Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-132 Main org.apache.bcel.classfile.ClassParser: NullPointerException caused by fileopen failed Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-131 Main Class files containing "StackMapTable" attributes (on method code) are dumped incorrectly Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-130 Main Class files containing "ParameterAnnotations" are dumped incorrectly Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-127 Main Document that Instruction Factory returns singleton instances Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-125 Main Incorrect size calculation in InstructionFinder Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-124 Main tableswitch/lookupswitch invalid alignment of 4-byte operands Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-122 Main ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown from TABLESWITCH.initFromFile Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-120 Main Make BCEL JAR OSGi compatible Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-115 Main Deleting all instructions of a list shows wrong behaviour Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-114 Main Error in method search() defined in org.apache.bcel.util.InstructionFinder Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-112 Main ARRAYLENGTH incorrectly not StackConsumer Bug Fixed Closed
6.0 BCEL-110 Main Problem with JAXB if the bcel classloader is used Bug Fixed Closed