The Team

A successful project requires many people to play many roles. Some members write code or documentation, while others are valuable as testers, submitting patches and suggestions.

The team is comprised of Members and Contributors. Members have direct access to the source of a project and actively evolve the code-base. Contributors improve the project through submission of patches and suggestions to the Members. The number of Contributors to the project is unbounded. Get involved today. All contributions to the project are greatly appreciated.


The following is a list of developers with commit privileges that have directly contributed to the project in one way or another.

Image Id Name Email URL Organization URL Time Zone Actual Time (GMT)
bayard Henri Yandell - - - -
tobrien Tim OBrien - - -6 -6
sanders Scott Sanders - - - -
rwaldhoff Rodney Waldhoff - - - -
dlr Daniel Rall - - - -
jon Jon S. Stevens - - - -
ggregory Gary Gregory - -5 -5
dgraham David Graham - - - -
julius Julius Davies - -8 -8
tn Thomas Neidhart - - - -


The following additional people have contributed to this project through the way of suggestions, patches or documentation.

Image Name Email Roles
Christopher O'Brien hex, md5, architecture
Martin Redington - Representing xml-rpc
Jeffery Dever - Representing http-client
Steve Zimmermann Documentation
Benjamin Walstrum -
Oleg Kalnichevski Representing http-client
Dave Dribin DigestUtil
Alex Karasulu aok123 at Submitted Binary class and test
Matthew Inger mattinger at Submitted DIFFERENCE algorithm for Soundex and RefinedSoundex
Jochen Wiedmann Base64 code [CODEC-69]
Sebastian Bazley Streaming Base64
Matthew Pocock Beider-Morse phonetic matching
Colm Rice colm_rice at hotmail dot com Submitted Match Rating Approach (MRA) phonetic encoder and tests [CODEC-161]