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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
CODEC-170 Link broken in Metaphone Javadoc Bug Fixed Resolved
CODEC-137 Main documentation page links wrong javadocs Bug Fixed Resolved
CODEC-108 Base64 encoding issue for larger avi files Bug Fixed Closed
CODEC-87 DigestUtils: MD5 checksum is not calculated correctly on linux64-platforms Bug Fixed Closed
CODEC-53 build.xml "dist" target refers to ../LICENSE Bug Fixed Closed
CODEC-85 Hex class is inefficient and uses default platform encoding for String <=> byte[] conversions Improvement Fixed Closed
CODEC-67 Fix headerFile location in Checkstyle configuration Task Fixed Closed
CODEC-66 Add bin to svn:ignore Wish Fixed Closed
Nightly Builds CODEC-98 Base64InputStream causes NullPointerException on some input Bug Fixed Closed
Nightly Builds CODEC-109 Allow the build to run with Maven 2 and Maven 3 with commons-parent 17 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.10 CODEC-191 Encoding data using Base64OutputStream omits part of the input in some cases Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-190 Update from commons-parent 34 to 35. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-189 Fix Java 8 build Javadoc errors Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-187 Beider Morse Phonetic Matching producing incorrect tokens Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-185 Base64 user-facing docs should say that decode can handle URL Safe encoding Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-184 NullPointerException in DoubleMetaPhone.isDoubleMetaphoneEqual when using empty strings Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-180 [PATCH] Fix Javadoc 1.8.0 errors Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-177 Several broken links on website Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-121 QuotedPrintableCodec does not support soft line break per the 'quoted-printable' example on Wikipedia Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-181 Make possible to provide padding byte to BaseNCodec in constructor Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-192 Add Daitch–Mokotoff Soundex New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-188 Add support for HMAC Message Authentication Code (MAC) digests New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.10 CODEC-178 Deprecate Charsets Charset constants in favor of Java 7's java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets Task Fixed Resolved
1.9 CODEC-175 Beider Morse does not close Scanners used to read config files. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9 CODEC-172 Base32 decode table has spurious value Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9 CODEC-176 Spelling fixes in Javadoc and comments Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9 CODEC-174 Improve performance of Beider Morse encoder Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.8 CODEC-160 Base64.encodeBase64URLSafeString doesn't add padding characters at the end. Bug Fixed Closed
1.8 CODEC-168 Add DigestUtils.updateDigest(MessageDigest, InputStream) Improvement Fixed Closed
1.8 CODEC-163 ColognePhonetic encoder unneccessarily creates many char arrays on every loop run Improvement Fixed Closed
1.8 CODEC-161 Add Match Rating Approach (MRA) phonetic algorithm encoder New Feature Fixed Closed
1.8 CODEC-167 Test our decode with pad character in the middle Test Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-157 DigestUtils: Add MD2 APIs Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-156 DigestUtils: add APIs named after standard alg name SHA-1 Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-155 DigestUtils.getDigest(String) should throw IllegalArgumentException instead of RuntimeException Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-153 Create a class MessageDigestAlgorithms to define standard algorithm names Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-152 DigestUtils.getDigest(String) looses the orginal exception Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-147 BeiderMorse phonetic filter give uncertain results Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-132 BeiderMorseEncoder OOM issues Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-131 DoubleMetaphone javadoc contains dead links Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-130 Base64InputStream.skip skips underlying stream, not output Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-96 Base64 encode() method is no longer thread-safe, breaking clients using it as a shared BinaryEncoder Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-154 Trim lines to 120chars Improvement Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-151 Remove unnecessary attempt to fill up the salt variable in UnixCrypt Improvement Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-150 Remove unnecessary call to Math.abs() Improvement Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-148 More tests and minor things Improvement Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-143 StringBuffer could be replaced by StringBuilder for local variables Improvement Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-139 DigestUtils: add updateDigest methods and make methods public. Improvement Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-138 Complete FilterInputStream interface for BaseNCodecInputStream Improvement Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-136 Use Charset objects when possible, create Charsets class for required character encodings New Feature Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-133 Add classes for MD5/SHA1/SHA-512-based Unix crypt(3) hash variants. New Feature Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-63 Implement NYSIIS New Feature Fixed Closed
1.7 CODEC-146 Add JUnit tests that use BeiderMorse like Solr does Test Fixed Closed
1.6 CODEC-128 Documentation spelling fixes Bug Fixed Closed
1.6 CODEC-127 Non-ascii characters in source files Bug Fixed Closed
1.6 CODEC-123 ColognePhonetic Javadoc should use HTML entities for special characters. Bug Fixed Closed
1.6 CODEC-129 Use standard Maven directory layout. Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 CODEC-120 Migrate to JUnit 4 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 CODEC-119 Migrate to Java 5 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.6 CODEC-125 Implement a Beider-Morse phonetic matching codec New Feature Fixed Closed
1.x CODEC-36 [codec] Support of Base 64 Encoding with URL and Filename Safe Alphabet Improvement Fixed Closed
1.x CODEC-8 REQ: Streaming codecs Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-117 Caverphone encodes names starting and ending with "mb" incorrectly. Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-115 DoubleMetaphone.maxCodeLen should probably be private Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-114 org.apache.commons.codec.language.Soundex.US_ENGLISH_MAPPING should be package protected MALICIOUS_CODE Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-113 org.apache.commons.codec.language.RefinedSoundex.US_ENGLISH_MAPPING should be package protected MALICIOUS_CODE Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-112 Base64.encodeBase64(byte[] binaryData, boolean isChunked, boolean urlSafe, int maxResultSize) throws IAE for valid maxResultSize if isChunked is false Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-111 org.apache.commons.codec.net.URLCodec.ESCAPE_CHAR isn't final but should be Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-105 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when doing multiple reads() on encoding Base64InputStream Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-101 Base64InputStream#read(byte[]) incorrectly returns 0 at end of any stream which is multiple of 3 bytes long Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-99 Base64.encodeBase64String() shouldn't chunk Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-97 Base64 default constructor behaviour changed to enable chunking in 1.4 Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-92 Many test cases use getBytes() which uses the default platform encoding so tests may fail on some platforms Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-89 new Base64().encode() appends a CRLF, and chunks results into 76 character lines Bug Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-118 Split Caverphone class into two classes for Caverphone 1.0 and 2.0. Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-103 Typo in DecoderException message thrown from Hex.decodeHex Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-110 Add a String version of Base64.isArrayByteBase64() New Feature Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-106 Add the "Kölner Phonetik" encoder (cologne phonetic) to codec.lang New Feature Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-88 Base32 encoder New Feature Fixed Closed
1.5 CODEC-116 Remove deprecated package private method Base64.discardWhitespace(byte[]) Task Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-84 Double Metaphone bugs in alternative encoding Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-81 Base64's new constructor parameters ignored Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-80 Regression: Base64.encode(chunk=true) has bug when input length is multiple of 76 Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-77 Base64 bug with empty input (new byte[0]) Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-76 All links to fixed bugs in the "Changes Report" http://commons.apache.org/codec/changes-report.html point nowhere, e.g. http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/34157. Looks as if all JIRA tickets were renumbered. Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-73 Make string2byte conversions indepedent of platform default encoding Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-72 Soundex and RefinedSoundex issues with character arrays Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-65 Fix case-insensitive string handling Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-61 Base64.encodeBase64() throws NegativeArraySizeException on large files Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-58 Character set used by Base64 not documented Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-56 RefinedSoundex creates instance before al fields have been initialized Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-54 testUsEnglishStatic doesn't fail Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-51 2 Test failures in SoundexTest Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-22 [codec] Base64.isArrayByteBase64() throws an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for negative octets. Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-10 [codec] Using US_ENGLISH static in Soundex causes NPE Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-6 [codec] Source tarball spews files all over the place Bug Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-75 Make Base64 URL-safe Improvement Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-71 Base64.isArrayByteBase64() method is inefficient for large byte arrays Improvement Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-70 Thread safety and malicious code safety improvements Improvement Fixed Closed
1.4 CODEC-69 Streaming Base64 Improvement Fixed Closed