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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Summary Type Resolution Status
3.2.2, 4.1 COLLECTIONS-580 Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-576 MultiKey subclassing has deserialization problem since COLLECTIONS-266: either declare protected readResolve() or MultiKey must be final Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-571 Deprecate CollectionUtils.{synchronized, unmodifiable}Collection methods Task Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-570 All decorators shall throw a NullPointerException if the decorated argument is null Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-567 Add a MultiSet interface / implementations that do not violate the Collection contract New Feature Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-566 IteratorUtils.collatedIterator do not use natural ordering if no comparator was provided Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-565 Add support for NavigableSet interface New Feature Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-562 Update minimum required java to 1.6 Task Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-558 ListOrderedSet#remove(int) should return E instead of Object Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-557 LRUMap memory usage vs size Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-556 Add an IdentityHashSet New Feature Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-555 Undefined NullPointerException in TreeBag.java Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-553 TransformedMultiValuedMap.equals() fails when comparing the value with itself Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-550 Provide a simple way for creating an arbitrary String representation of a given Iterable New Feature Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-545 Undocumented performance issue in the removeAll method in CollectionUtils Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-544 Undocumented performance issue in the retainAll method in CollectionUtils Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-543 AbstractCollectionDecorator should not delegate equals and hashcode Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-540 Duplication of code in CollectionUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-539 CircularFifoQueue: make 'isAtFullCapacity' method public Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-537 PredicateUtils (all|any)Predicate type misbehaviour Array vs. Collection Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-536 (Code style) map.size() call in MapUtils.putAll() Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-534 Performance bug in CollectionBag::retainAll Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-531 Generic Wildcards specified in CollectionUtils#isEqualCollection(Collection, Collection, Equator) may throw ClassCastException in certain cases Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-530 Rejecting items on predicate failure without throwing an Exception Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-529 Add removeAll(Collection<E> collection, Collection<E> remove, Comparator<E> comparator) and contains(Collection<E> collection, E object, Comparator<E> comparator) methods Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-525 PatriciaTrie Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-524 ListOrderedSet can have duplicates Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-523 Removing unnecessary method Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-522 Documentation example does not compile Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-521 Typo in MultiMapKey's isEqualKey(entry, key1, key2) Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-516 NullPointerException in MapUtils.toProperties Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-512 equals/hashCode mismatch Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-511 CollectionUtils.bisect(...), this would be a combination of Select and SelectRejected New Feature Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-510 ReverseComparator does not compile under Java 8 Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-509 Clarify javadoc of CollectionBag Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-508 MultiMap's methods are not strongly typed even though the interface supports generics Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-507 ComparatorUtils.chainedComparator(..) should not force the objects to implement Comparable Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-506 Result of CollectionUtils are different between version 3.2.1 and version 4.0 Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-503 IfTransformer New Feature Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-471 Add a BoundedIterator which returns at most limit elements New Feature Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-442 A set of enhanced iterator classes donated by the Apache Jena project Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.0-alpha1, 4.0, 4.1 COLLECTIONS-427 performance problem in SetUniqueList.retainAll() Bug Fixed Resolved
4.0-alpha1, 4.0, 4.1 COLLECTIONS-426 performance problem in ListOrderedSet.retainAll() Bug Fixed Resolved
4.1 COLLECTIONS-395 Request for UnBoundedLRUMap implementation with extra get method Wish Fixed Resolved