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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Summary Type Resolution Status
4.2 COLLECTIONS-684 Flat3Map: Some test cases going more into the details Improvement Fixed Closed
4.2 COLLECTIONS-682 README.md contains unresolved template references Bug Fixed Closed
4.2 COLLECTIONS-681 Add test for MultiSetUtils Improvement Fixed Closed
4.2 COLLECTIONS-678 The verification of unsupported iterator methods is not complete. Improvement Fixed Closed
4.2 COLLECTIONS-673 ListUtils.partition potential integer overflow Bug Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-671 Add org.apache.commons.collections4.IterableUtils.first(Iterable<E>) New Feature Fixed Closed
4.2 COLLECTIONS-670 Add org.apache.commons.collections4.IteratorUtils.first(Iterator<E>) New Feature Fixed Closed
4.2 COLLECTIONS-669 Update org.apache.commons.collections4.CollectionUtils.addAll(Collection<C>, C[]) to addAll(Collection<C>, C...) Improvement Fixed Closed
4.2 COLLECTIONS-668 Add CollectionUtils containsAny method for primitive array: org.apache.commons.collections4.CollectionUtils.containsAny(Collection<?>, T...) New Feature Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-666 org.apache.commons.collections4.ListUtils.union(List, List) should pre-allocate result list Improvement Fixed Closed
4.2 COLLECTIONS-661 Intermittent test failures in Windows for HashSetValuedHashMap Bug Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-660 Uncomment test in AbstractMapTest regarding LRUMap equals Bug Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-658 Add Automatic-Module-Name MANIFEST entry for Java 9 compatibility Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-656 Fix site build on Java 8 Bug Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-655 Update platform from Java 6 to Java 7 Improvement Fixed Closed
4.2 COLLECTIONS-654 Add class SortedProperties to sort keys New Feature Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-653 Update Javadoc to Build on Java 1.8 Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-606 Build status, Coverage status and Maven central in GIT Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-603 Small improvements for generics, conditional statements, and warnings suppressions Bug Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-602 Improve efficiency of DefaultedMap.get Bug Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-597 Correction of Javadoc for org.apache.commons.collections4.functors.CatchAndRethrowClosure Bug Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-594 Web site spelling error: MultiValuedMapeList Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.2 COLLECTIONS-589 Add null-safe MapUtils.size(Map<?, ?>) method Improvement Fixed Closed
4.2 COLLECTIONS-575 Synchronized queue wrapper in QueueUtils New Feature Fixed Resolved