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Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
COMPRESS-174 Compressors BZip2CompressorInputStream doesn't handle being given a wrong-format compressed file Bug Fixed Resolved
COMPRESS-30 [compress][PATCH] fix for bzip2 example compress/uncompress utilities Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-24 Old Tar-Implementation causes Bugs when extracting files Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-23 [compress] TarInputStream returns negative value for read() [PATCH] Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-22 COMPRESS-REDESIGN: ArchiveEntry should force an isDirectory() method on implementations Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-15 COMPRESS-REDESIGN: ArchiveStreamFactory does not handle exceptions for createArchiveInputStream(InputStream) Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-14 [compress] CBZip2InputStream doesn't close the source stream Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-10 ZipEntry has same name as superclass Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-8 TAR extraction fails with FileNotFoundException (directories not being created) Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-7 Creating TAR archive of an 8 GB file causes IOException Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-6 [compress] TarOutputStream.java long file name bug (and fix!) Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-3 COMPRESS-REDESIGN: Handle JarArchiveInputStream null getNextEntry() gracefully Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-1 ArArchiveInputStream doesn't make use of internal offset Bug Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-52 ZipEntry supports JDK 1.1 - refactor code to be 1.2+ Improvement Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-48 [compress] add a memory efficient stream compress InputStream - e.g. a "DeflaterInputStream" Improvement Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-46 ZipOutputStream is slow when compressing big files Improvement Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-40 Redesign of Commons Compress Improvement Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-121 Archivers Add support for different tar dialects New Feature Fixed Closed
COMPRESS-35 CPIO Archive New Feature Fixed Closed
1.10 COMPRESS-317 Archivers ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ZipArchiveEntry.getMergedFields() Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-316 Compressors CompressorStreamFactory doesn't handle deflate streams with a zlib header Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-315 tar can not write uid or gid >= 0x80000000 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-314 Archivers TarArchiveInputStream rejects uid or gid >= 0x80000000 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-312 public TarArchiveEntry(File file, String fileName) does not normalize the file name. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-309 Compressors BZip2CompressorInputStream return value wrong when told to read to a full buffer. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-308 ZipEncodingHelper calls System.getProperty("file.encoding"); should use Charset.defaultCharset() Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-306 ArchiveStreamFactory fails to pass on the encoding when creating some streams Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-303 Restore immutability/thread-safety to CompressorStreamFactory Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-302 Retore immutability/thread-safety to ArchiveStreamFactory Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-300 LZWInputStream has mutable protected fields; these should be accessed via getter/setter and made private Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-297 Archivers Cleaning up unclosed ZipFile for archive Bug Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-318 Documentation Document which ZIP information is not available when using InputStream in the javadocs Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-313 Compressors CompressorStreamFactory auto-detection of LZMA stream Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-298 Archivers Cleaner way to catch/detect Seven7 files which are password protected Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-290 TarArchiveOutputStream#failForBigNumber could be more helpful Improvement Fixed Closed
1.10 COMPRESS-296 Archivers Support parallel compression of zip files New Feature Fixed Closed
1.10 COMPRESS-295 Archivers Add support for transferring a zip entry from one zip file to another New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.10 COMPRESS-305 Convert all tests to JUnit4 style Task Fixed Resolved
1.9 COMPRESS-289 Archivers TarArchiveOutputStream includes timestamp in long link headers Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9 COMPRESS-287 Archivers Support for 7z archives using "kDummy" Bug Fixed Closed
1.9 COMPRESS-286 Archivers Error while expanding 7z java.io.EOFException Bug Fixed Resolved
1.9 COMPRESS-285 Compressors checking of availability of XZ compression is expensive - result should be reused Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.9 COMPRESS-263 Compressors Add DEFLATE support New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.8.1 COMPRESS-279 Archivers TarArchiveInputStream silently finished when unexpected EOF occured Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.1 COMPRESS-278 Archivers Incorrect handling of NUL username and group Tar.gz entries Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.1 COMPRESS-277 IOUtils.skip does not work as advertised Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.1 COMPRESS-276 Archivers NullPointerException in ZipArchiveOutputStream with invalid entries Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.1 COMPRESS-275 Documentation Document the dependency on org.tukaani:xz Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.1 COMPRESS-274 Changesets NullPointerException in ChangeSet.addDeletion when using bogus data Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.1 COMPRESS-273 Archivers NullPointerException when creation fields/entries from scratch Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.1 COMPRESS-272 Compressors CompressorStreamFactory fails to autodetect files using Unix compress (.Z files) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.1 COMPRESS-270 Archivers TarArchiveInputStream fails to read PAX header from InputStream Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8.1 COMPRESS-280 Archivers [COMPRESS] Change TarInputStream Skip Behavior Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-267 Archivers ArchiveStreamFactory throws "No Archiver found for the stream signature" on 7z files Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-265 Archivers PAX headers with "strange" names can not be written Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-264 Archivers ZIP reads correctly with commons-compress 1.6, gives NUL bytes in 1.7 Bug Fixed Closed
1.8 COMPRESS-262 Compressors TarArchiveInputStream fails to read entry with big user-id value Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-259 Compressors CompressorStreamFactory.createCompressorInputStream with explicit compression does not honour decompressConcatenated Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-256 Archivers 7z: 16 MB dictionary is too big Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-253 Compressors BZip2CompressorInputStream reads fewer bytes from truncated file than CPython's bz2 implementation Bug Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-261 Unable to set SevenZOutputFile.setContentCompression() per SevenZArchiveEntry Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-260 Compressors Getters in the GzipCompressorInputStream for the new setters in v1.7 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-258 Archivers SevenZFile should have getContentCompression() Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-257 Archivers 7z should support the BCJ filter Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.8 COMPRESS-266 Archivers Allow parameters for compression methods to be configured when creating 7z archives New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.7 COMPRESS-252 Archivers Writing 7z empty entries produces incorrect or corrupt archive Bug Fixed Resolved
1.7 COMPRESS-249 Archivers TarArchiveInputStream does not properly read from underlying InputStream Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 COMPRESS-245 Archivers TarArchiveInputStream#getNextTarEntry returns null prematurely Bug Fixed Closed
1.7 COMPRESS-244 Archivers 7z reading of UINT64 data type is wrong for big values Bug Fixed Resolved
1.7 COMPRESS-241 Archivers writing 7z entries with LZMA2 fails when closing the stream Bug Fixed Resolved
1.7 COMPRESS-250 Compressors Setting the compression level for GzipCompressorOutputStream Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.7 COMPRESS-242 Archivers X5455_ExtendedTimestamp's API is inconvenient for writers Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.7 COMPRESS-243 Archivers Provide CompressorInputStream for classic Unix compress (maybe based on LZW codec from imaging) New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.7 COMPRESS-115 Archivers Imploded entry decompression for Zip archives (method 6) New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.7 COMPRESS-147 Compressors Add a Snappy decompressor Wish Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-283 Archivers Zip file timestamps contain spurious millisecond values Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-240 Archivers ZipEncodingHelper.isUTF8(String) does not check all UTF-8 aliases Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-239 Archivers ArchiveStreamFactory cannot create an ArchiveInputStream from any input stream that is blocking Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-237 Archivers Long link support for TarArchiveOutputStream Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-236 Archivers IllegalArgumentException reading CPIO generated by Redline RPM Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-229 Archivers incorrect handling of GNU longlink entries Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-228 Archivers ZipException on reading valid zip64 file Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-227 Archivers duplicate entries may let ZipFile#getInputStream return null Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-223 Archivers NPE from TarBuffer.tryToConsumeSecondEOFRecord Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-180 new String(byte[]) conversions use default encoding Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-234 Archivers Patch: TAR InputStream Huge Speed Improvements Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-232 Archivers Patch: TarArchiveInputStream getRecord() Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-225 Compressors Upgrade XZ to the latest version 1.3 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-226 Archivers Add ARJ archive support New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-111 Compressors support for lzma files New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.6 COMPRESS-54 Archivers Add 7zip archive support New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.5 COMPRESS-221 Compress cannot run without XZ included Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 COMPRESS-219 Archivers ZipArchiveInputStream: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when extracting a STORED zip file entry from within a zip. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 COMPRESS-218 Compressors, Documentation Typo in CompressorStreamFactory Javadoc Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 COMPRESS-213 ZipShort, ZipLong, ZipEightByteInteger should implement Serializable Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 COMPRESS-212 TarArchiveEntry getName() returns wrongly encoded name even when you set encoding to TarArchiveInputStream Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 COMPRESS-206 Compressors TarArchiveOutputStream sometimes writes garbage beyond the end of the archive Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 COMPRESS-205 Unit tests can fail when path to project is non-trivial (fix in description) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 COMPRESS-203 Archivers Long directory names can not be stored in a tar archive because of error when writing PAX headers Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5 COMPRESS-201 Compressors No constructor to create a TarArchiveEntry link with leading slash Bug Fixed Resolved