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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
1.17 COMPRESS-454 Archivers Bug in determination of Signature for STORED ZipArchive with data descriptor Bug Fixed Resolved
1.17 COMPRESS-453 Compressors Facing block overrun error while building TensorFlow Bug Fixed Resolved
1.17 COMPRESS-452 Archivers, Compressors "Stream is not in the BZip2 format" exception on valid archive Bug Fixed Closed
1.17 COMPRESS-451 IOUtils.copy hangs with misconfigured or corrupted inputs Bug Fixed Resolved
1.17 COMPRESS-447 Archivers ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ZipFile Bug Fixed Resolved
1.17 COMPRESS-446 Archivers Resource Leak in ParallelScatterZipCreator#writeTo(ZipArchiveOutputStream) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.17 COMPRESS-445 Archivers, Compressors Zip Bomb Detection Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.17 COMPRESS-443 Build Add a test that verifies Commons Compress is usable as an OSGi bundle Test Fixed Resolved