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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
1.14 COMPRESS-393 Compressors flush in LZMACompressorOutputStream destroys stream Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-389 Inconsistent increment of 'loc' in ZipFile.BoundedInputStream Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-382 Compressors OutOfMemoryError from CompressorStreamFactory Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-379 Archivers isUnixSymlink returns true for Zip entries with Unix permissions 177777 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-378 SnappyCompressorInputStream slides the window too early Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-358 Compressors Offset is larger than block size in IWA dialect of FramedSnappyCompressorInputStream Bug Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-392 Compressors Add Brotli decoder based on the Google Brotli library Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-388 Archivers Improve concurrent reads from ZipFile Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-387 Allow spaces in path for unit tests in Windows Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-386 Consider adding sanity check to maxCodeSize in ZCompressorInputStream Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-385 Add detect() to CompressorStreamFactory Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-362 Bullet-proof code using try-with-resources statements Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-391 Archivers Zip entries alignment New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-390 Archivers Expose zip stream offset and size via API New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-271 Implement LZ4 Extremely Fast Compression algorithm New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.14 COMPRESS-246 Compressor for Snappy Wish Fixed Resolved