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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
1.10 CONFIGURATION-558 Configuration no longer accepts List<String> as default for getList() Bug Fixed Closed
1.10 CONFIGURATION-557 Regression: MapConfiguration no longer accepts a Map<String, String> (compilation error) Bug Fixed Closed
1.10 CONFIGURATION-556 Regression with SystemProperties in 1.8 and 1.9 Bug Fixed Closed
2.0, 1.10 CONFIGURATION-555 XMLConfiguration doesn't seem to be preserving whitespace for the current node where xml:space="preserve" is set. Bug Fixed Closed
2.0, 1.10 CONFIGURATION-546 Type conversion ClassCastException in BeanHelper constructing beans with a list of child beans Bug Fixed Closed
2.0, 1.10 CONFIGURATION-534 PropertyConfiguration's handling of includes depends on the existence of a base path Bug Fixed Closed
2.0, 1.10 CONFIGURATION-525 Format PropertiesConfigurationLayout does not preserve comments at bottom of a file Bug Fixed Closed
2.0, 1.10 CONFIGURATION-550 Type conversion Missing conversion to char Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0, 1.10 CONFIGURATION-526 Support loading from and saving to DOM nodes New Feature Fixed Closed