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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
CSV-98 Line number counting is confusing Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-90 CSVFormat isEscaping/isEncapsulating are not public Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-87 CSVParser.getRecords() returns null rather than empty List at EOF Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-82 CSVRecord inconsistent behaviour when header mapping is not found Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-80 CSVLexer.nextToken does not need wsBuf Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-79 CSVFormat.isCommentingDisabled() is confusing/confused Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-77 RFC 4180 (DEFAULT) format is wrong; should not ignore spaces or blank lines Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-75 ExtendedBufferReader does not handle EOL consistently Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-72 CSVFormat.DEFAULT should be renamed as RFC4180 Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-67 UnicodeUnescapeReader should not be applied before parsing Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-60 CSVParser.iterator().remove() should throw throw new UnsupportedOperationException() Bug Fixed Resolved
CSV-24 Remove stdout from tests Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-19 Nightly Maven repository deployment Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-18 CharBuffer is too slow. Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-17 [PATCH] CSV can't handle missing entries in the Map - or non-String map values Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-14 backslash before quote character gives an error Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-10 CSVParser allow strategy in constructor Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-9 CSVStrategy.clone() Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-8 Excel strategy separator error Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-7 Parser CSVParser.getLine() blocks until char after eol is recieved. Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-6 Build ant javadoc fails Bug Fixed Closed
CSV-117 Parser Validate format parameters in constructor Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-115 Simplify boolean expressions in CSVRecord Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-85 Allow comments to be returned in CSVRecord Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-81 Token.Type.isReady could perhaps be removed Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-74 CSVFormat definitions are difficult to read and maintain Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-57 Parser CSVParser.getRecords() contract is confusing Improvement Fixed Resolved
CSV-139 Printer CSVPrinter.printRecord(ResultSet) with metadata New Feature Fixed Resolved
CSV-69 Eliminate CSVPrinterTest.equals(String[][], String[][]) by using Assert.assertArrayEquals Test Fixed Resolved
CSV-95 Create a git mirror for CSV Wish Fixed Resolved
1.x CSV-64 Printer CSVPrinter does not distinguish null and the empty string Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1 CSV-140 Printer QuoteMode.NON_NUMERIC doesn't work with CSVPrinter.printRecords(ResultSet) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1 CSV-132 Documentation Incorrect Javadoc referencing org.apache.commons.csv.CSVFormat withQuote() Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1 CSV-128 Parser CSVFormat.EXCEL should ignore empty header names Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1 CSV-134 Parser Unified parameter validation Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1 CSV-130 Printer CSVFormat#withHeader doesn't work well with #printComment, add withHeaderComments(String...) Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1 CSV-129 Parser Add CSVFormat#with 0-arg methods matching boolean arg methods Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1 CSV-124 Improve toString() implementation of CSVRecord Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0 CSV-125 No longer works with Java 6 Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-122 Parser NullPointerException when empty header string and and null string of "" Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-121 IllegalArgumentException thrown when the header contains duplicate names when the column names are empty. Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-120 CSVFormat#withHeader doesn't work with CSVPrinter Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-118 Parser CSVRecord.toMap() throws NPE on formats with no headers. Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-114 CSVFormat constructor should reject a header array with duplicate entries Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-112 Parser HeaderMap is inconsistent when it is parsed from an input with duplicate columns names Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-111 Parser CSVRecord.toMap() fails if row length shorter than header length Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-106 Parser CSVFormat.format allways append null Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-100 Parser CSVParser: getHeaderMap throws NPE Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-97 Printer Allow the String value for null to be customized for the CSV printer Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-96 Parser CSVRecord does not verify that the length of the header mapping matches the number of values Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-88 Not possible to create a CSVFormat from scratch Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-54 Parser Confusing semantic of the ignore leading/trailing spaces parameters Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-36 Parser Endless loops in CSV parser Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-34 CSVFormat describes itself as immutable, but it is not - in particular it is not thread-safe Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-33 Printer The CSVPrinter ecapsing inconsistant with CSVParser Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-25 Parser CSVParser.nextValue() seems pointless Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-23 Excel strategy uses wrong separator Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-22 CSV reader doesn't handle older Mac line endings Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-21 CSVWriter.writeValue() not using value delimiter Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-15 Commons CSV EXCELL_STRATEGY is reading CSV files with double quote and comma properly but not writing them back the same way Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-13 Printer NullPointerException in CSVPrinter.print()/println() Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-3 Printer CSVPrinter#escapeAndQuote(String) doesn't adhere to CSV standard Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-1 Parser Delimiter should be never recognized as whitespace Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-105 Add Map conversion API to CSVRecord Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-103 allow other line delimiters besides \n Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-99 Revert Builder implementation in CSVFormat Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-94 Parser Lexer should only use char fields Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-93 Documentation, Parser, Printer Allow the handling of NULL values Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-84 Clarify comment handling Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-78 Use Character instead of char for char fields except delimiter Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-70 Parser Improve readability of CSVLexer Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-68 Use the Builder pattern for CSVFormat Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-59 Is CharBuffer really needed, now that StringBuilder is available? Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-55 Parser Replace while(true)-loop in CSVParser.getRecord() with do-while-loop Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-53 Printer Allow to always enclose printed values into quotes Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-52 Parser Keep track of record numbers Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-49 CSVStrategy has modifiable public static variables Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-48 Predefined format for MYSQL Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-47 Printer the multitude of flush in CSVPrinter ain't good Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-46 Reduce visibility of methods in internal classes Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-45 Printer CSVPrinter overhaul Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-42 Lots of possible changes Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-5 Parser Improve memory use Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-4 Parser Create Strategy for RFC4180 Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-2 Printer small optimization in CSVPrinter#print(String) Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-137 CSVWriter to support configurable row delimiter New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.0 CSV-92 Need a way to extract parsed headers, e.g. for use in formatting output New Feature Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-65 Parser Header support New Feature Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-27 Decide whether to keep the csv.writer subpackage Task Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-26 ExtendedBufferedReader does too much Task Fixed Closed
1.0 CSV-119 CSVFormat is missing a print(...) method Wish Fixed Closed