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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
1.1.0 DAEMON-377 Race in PID file handing in jsvc resulting in Tomcat running without a pidfile Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-376 Update Daemon to also search registry for JRE with Java 9 JRE location Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-374 Jsvc Add support for Java 9 command-line arguments Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-373 Jsvc Daemon does not start with JDK9 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-372 Procrun create shutdown event for shutdown process Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-358 Jsvc PPC64: jsvc fails to find JVM jvm.cfg file and shared objects due to wrong path Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 DAEMON-347 Jsvc Add AArch64 support to src/native/unix/support/apsupport.m4 Bug Fixed Closed
1.1.0 DAEMON-339 Jsvc Patch for commons-daemon 1.0.15 to avoid shutdown failures Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-333 Jsvc Stop abusing System.gc() on Commons Daemon jsvc shutdown Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-332 Procrun pid file not readable on Windows 7/8/2008 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-324 [home.c:130]: (error) Resource leak: cfgf Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-319 Add mips ABI n32, n64 support Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-318 Jsvc children (controller) process doesnt use correct umask value Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-312 Procrun prunmgr: //MQ fails to kill multiple instances Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-311 Procrun Commons Daemon procrun failed with exit value: 5 (Failed to start service) Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-310 Jsvc jsvc fails on AIX 5.3 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-309 Procrun Documentation for start method in JVM mode is conflicting Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-302 Procrun Service recovery options do not work when a JNI crash brings down the JVM Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-282 Procrun Failed to stop 'xx' service: The data area passed to a system call is too small Bug Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-368 Procrun Add DEBUG and ERROR logging to help diagnose problems when starting a Windows Service Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1.0 DAEMON-343 Add 64-bit POWERPC-LE (ppc64le) support Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-334 Jsvc Specify a maximum limit for automatic restarts Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-308 Add 64-bit ARM (aarch64) support Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-289 Integrate Debian patches Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1.0 DAEMON-371 Update Java requirement from version 5 to 6. Task Fixed Closed
1.1.0 DAEMON-370 Move attributions from @author in Javadocs to POM Task Fixed Closed
1.1.0 DAEMON-346 Procrun Compile PROCRUN with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) flag Wish Fixed Resolved
1.0.15 DAEMON-292 Procrun Thread dump does not work Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.15 DAEMON-291 Jsvc jsvc cores on Linux Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.15 DAEMON-288 Procrun Hang while stopping procrun service Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.14 DAEMON-287 Procrun procrun's CloseHandle(_service_status_handle) not needed and causes exception Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.14 DAEMON-286 Procrun Race condition during stopping service Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.14 DAEMON-284 Service configuration corruption on install Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.14 DAEMON-283 Jsvc DaemonWrapper cannot start launch methods with private constructors Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.14, 1.1.0 DAEMON-281 Jsvc Jsvc not loading correct shared lib for Java 7 on MacOS Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.14 DAEMON-280 Jsvc jsvc umask comparison wrong - fix attached Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.14 DAEMON-278 Procrun procrunsrv windows ++Environment doesn't work for java type Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.13 DAEMON-276 commons-daemon.log blows up when stopping Windows service Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.13 DAEMON-275 Website says that non-Windows binaries may be provided Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.12 DAEMON-274 Procrun procrun ignores shutdown Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.12 DAEMON-272 Jsvc jsvc ignores -home option Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.12 DAEMON-268 Jsvc jsvc fails to find java home on centos Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.12 DAEMON-269 Procrun Support UAC for prunmgr.exe Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-267 Procrun prunsrv failure doesn't trigger windows service recovery actions Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-266 Jsvc OS X 10.8: jsvc appears to cause hang on Toolkit.createDefaultToolkit Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-265 Jsvc OS X 10.8: Cannot build jsvc with java 7 installed Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-263 Jsvc [PATCH] Fixed loading capabilities library on RHEL 5.x 64bit Machines Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-257 Jsvc jsvc unable to find Java home on Ubuntu/Debian Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-255 Jsvc jsvc cannot find libcap.so on rhel Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-254 Procrun Logfile corrupted. Service won't start until logfile is deleted. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-253 pidfile directory gets not created when starting jsvc with the -user option and -pidfile /var/run/pidfile_dir/pidfile Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-252 Procrun [procrun] Thread Dump command fails with "Unable to open the Event Mutex" Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-247 Procrun [debug] ( javajni.c:195 ) Invalid RuntimeLib should be a warning or error? Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-246 Jsvc jsvc fails to load libcap.so.2 from /lib64 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-244 Procrun prunsrv does not propagate exit code Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-264 Jsvc Change current working directory to / when daemonising New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-262 Procrun Service configuration dialog needs a refresh button New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.0.11 DAEMON-245 Procrun Support privilege escalation on Windows (UAC) New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.0.10 DAEMON-242 Jsvc jsvc cannot find libcap.so on debian-based distributions Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.10 DAEMON-241 Jsvc configure incorrectly includes -lcap in the LIBS variable in Makedefs Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.9 DAEMON-240 Procrun Undocumented and inconsistent behaviour of multi-valued registry entries Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.9 DAEMON-239 prunsrv //ES (start) option not documented Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.9 DAEMON-238 Procrun Behaviour of environment variables is not documented, and is unexpected Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.9 DAEMON-237 Procrun ++JvmOptions processed as --JvmOptions Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.9 DAEMON-233 Procrun Heap corruption in apxMultiSzToArrayW for windows procrun Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.9 DAEMON-232 Jsvc jsvc should no longer setpgrp() on startup Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.9 DAEMON-230 Procrun Procrun Documentation Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.9 DAEMON-229 Procrun Windows 2003 server 64bit and JDK1.6.0_29 64bit -- Failed creating java Bug Fixed Closed
1.0.9 DAEMON-234 Jsvc Allow the same jsvc binary executable to work with either libcap.so.1 or libcap.so.2 at runtime Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-223 Jsvc configure script has incorrect supported OS for HP-UX on IA64 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-219 Procrun prunsrv error 1067 and crash on Windows 7 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-218 CLONE - procrun as tomcat5.exe from Tomcat 5.5.17 does not start, when installed into the file path containing non-ascii character Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-215 Procrun Cannot set local username and password for a Win32 service Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-195 Procrun "net stop serviceName" prints "Error 109: The pipe has been ended." Stopping via Windows Control Panel hangs. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-228 Jsvc Add default location of JDK and libjvm on HP-UX IA64 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-227 Jsvc Support both flavors of Java on HP-UX IA64 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-224 Jsvc Add /etc/alternatives/jre to the list of JAVA_HOME suggestions on Linux Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-221 Jsvc Provide umask rather than compile time flag for umask Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-220 Jsvc Clean up configure/configure.in scripts Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.8 DAEMON-216 Procrun Add command line switch to hide console window when switch "--type interactive" is used. New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.0.7 DAEMON-214 Jsvc CVE-2011-2729: jsvc fails to drop capabilities on Linux Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.7 DAEMON-211 [patch] make sure files get closed Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-207 Jsvc jsvc for solaris x86_64 uses wrong jre library directory x86_64 instead of amd64 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-205 Jsvc host_cpu=arm* not supported in src/native/unix/support/apsupport.m4 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-200 commons daemon should be usable with jdk 1.5 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-194 Jsvc deadloop and no return value in logger_child Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-186 Jsvc jsvc consumes 100% CPU when redirecting errfile (and not outfile) to syslog Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-185 prunmgr does not handle invalid command lines well Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-208 Jsvc jsvc missing -server option for compatibility with java Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-206 Improve checks on service name Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-204 Jsvc Support sending a reload message via SIGUSR2 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-202 Jsvc Add JSVC_OPT (options for JSVC executable) into Tomcat7.sh Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-193 Procrun [PATCH] prunsrv should use the "Working Path" in Java Mode Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-192 Jsvc Make jsvc enforce /etc/security/limits.conf , or add a parameter for setting limits Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.0.6 DAEMON-107 Jsvc JSVC does not support a reconfiguration call Improvement Fixed Closed
1.0.6 DAEMON-209 Procrun Allow setting additional path for LoadLibrary New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.0.5 DAEMON-190 Procrun Service startup fails at boot time on Windows Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.5 DAEMON-188 Procrun PID file not removed when service stops, preventing next start Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.5 DAEMON-187 Procrun (0) An instance of '..' application is already running Bug Fixed Resolved
1.0.5 DAEMON-184 Procrun amd64 prunsrv.exe pointed to wrong default jvm.dll Bug Fixed Resolved