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Packages that use DigesterRule
org.apache.commons.digester3.annotations.rules Classes contained in this package are annotations that reflect Digester rules. 

Uses of DigesterRule in org.apache.commons.digester3.annotations.rules

Classes in org.apache.commons.digester3.annotations.rules with annotations of type DigesterRule
 interface BeanPropertySetter
          Fields annotated with BeanPropertySetter will be bound with BeanPropertySetterRule digester rule.
 interface CallMethod
          Methods annotated with CallMethod will be bound with CallMethodRule digester rule.
 interface CallParam
          Methods arguments annotated with CallParam will be bound with CallParamRule digester rule.
 interface FactoryCreate
          Classes annotated with FactoryCreate will be bound with FactoryCreateRule digester rule.
 interface ObjectCreate
          Classes annotated with ObjectCreate will be bound with ObjectCreateRule digester rule.
 interface PathCallParam
          Methods arguments annotated with PathCallParam will be bound with PathCallParamRule digester rule.
 interface SetNext
          Methods annotated with SetNext will be bound with SetNextRule digester rule.
 interface SetProperty
          Fields annotated with SetProperty will be bound with SetPropertiesRule digester rule.
 interface SetRoot
          Methods annotated with SetRoot will be bound with SetRootRule digester rule.
 interface SetTop
          Methods annotated with SetTop will be bound with SetTopRule digester rule.

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