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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
FILEUPLOAD-244 .DiskFileItem.readObject fails to close FileInputStream Bug Fixed Resolved
FILEUPLOAD-118 Maven pom has invalid parent Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-110 MultipartStream's keep region padding is either unnecessary or untested (and undocumented) Bug Fixed Resolved
FILEUPLOAD-72 Java docs bug Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-70 DefaultFileItem should not catch Exception Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-67 possible typo in fileupload docs on commons site Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-66 DefaultFileItem issues Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-61 Temporary upload files are not being deleted Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-59 [fileupload] Memory Issue Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-57 [fileupload] Sample code is not working Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-56 [FileUpload] uploading files with non-ASCII filenames Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-53 UnknownSizeException with IE5.0 (due to IE5.0 bug) Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-50 [fileupload] FileItem implements Serializable incorrectly Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-48 [fileupload] Memory leak in DefaultFileItem Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-46 [fileupload] Default encoding issue running Tomcat on z/os Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-40 FileUploadBase does not handle quoted boundary specification, which is required by RFC 1521 Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-39 [fileupload] Content-Type with quoted boundary doesn't work Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-37 [fileupload] Two typos in the manual page of MultipartStream Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-35 file upload can be very slow Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-31 [PATCH] Added some tests Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-29 [fileupload] Remove Javadoc warnings Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-22 FileUpload default constructor does not create a factory Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-21 DefaultFileItem.write() throws NullPointerException if a stream cannot be created Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-18 contentType comparisons should be case-insensitive Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-16 [fileupload][PATCH] Workaround for IE5 Mac type=image bug Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-13 [fileupload] Use the ServletRequest encoding as default Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-12 [fileupload] Remove deprecations issued in IO 1.1 Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-5 [fileupload] Determining content type Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-4 [fileupload] The common upload functions do not work on z/OS WebSphere Bug Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-140 Means to preserve text parameters when upload limit exceeded Improvement Fixed Resolved
FILEUPLOAD-133 Refactor use of FileCleaner into plugable strategy to allow overriding. Improvement Fixed Resolved
FILEUPLOAD-128 move commons-fileupload to org.apache.commons.fileupload groupId in maven Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-109 MultipartStream.discardBodyData() implementation is redundant. Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-105 Support for Portlets (168) Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-101 [FileUpload] does not take 'charset' parameter of the 'Content-Type' header into consideration Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-100 [fileupload] Allow to set headerEncoding to other than platform default encoding for fall-back Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-95 native memory leak results in container crash Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-94 Fileupload fails for forms with a large number of inputs Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-93 [fileupload] Allow parsing requests of unknown length Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-92 The size threshold parameter works based on the whole request instead of individual parts Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-86 File upload exceptions. Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-83 [fileupload][patch] Small improvements for FileUploadBase getFileName and getFieldName Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-78 Documentation: illustrate how to integrate virus control Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-77 [fileupload] State the maximum size in the error message Improvement Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-148 FileItemFactory.setMaxStringLength() New Feature Fixed Closed
FILEUPLOAD-132 How do we retrieve the HTTP Headers in the request? Wish Fixed Resolved
FILEUPLOAD-114 Documentation: dependency on commons-io and other things Wish Fixed Closed
1.4 FILEUPLOAD-251 DiskFileItem#getTempFile() is broken Bug Fixed Resolved
1.4 FILEUPLOAD-250 FileUploadBase - potential resource leak - InputStream not closed on exception Bug Fixed Resolved
1.4 FILEUPLOAD-246 FileUpload should use IOUtils.closeQuietly where relevant Bug Fixed Resolved
1.4 FILEUPLOAD-245 DiskFileItem.get() may not fully read the data Bug Fixed Resolved
1.4 FILEUPLOAD-243 Make some MultipartStream private fields final Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3.1 FILEUPLOAD-208 CLONE - [fileupload] Use the ServletRequest encoding as default Improvement Fixed Resolved
Nightly Builds FILEUPLOAD-177 FAQ update to clarify 'struts' -> 'struts 1' Task Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-232 There are no unit tests for the new utils.mime classes Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-229 toLowerCase() is Locale-dependent; should use toLowerCase(Locale.ENGLISH) instead Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-228 (Servlet|Portlet)RequestContext#contentLength() must return request.getContentLength() if Content-length header is not available Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-212 Insecure request size checking Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-204 FileItem.getHeaders() returns always null. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-202 org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadBase$IOFileUploadException: Processing of multipart/form-data request failed. Stream ended unexpectedly Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-199 Uploads have unexpected results for files with non-ASCII names - support RFC2047 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-195 Error reading the file size larger than 2 gb Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-189 DiskFileItemFactory use of FileCleaningTracker is documented or coded wrong Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-186 http://commons.apache.org/fileupload/index.html should not mention nightly builds Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-185 http://commons.apache.org/fileupload/index.html is out of date Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-183 commons-io dependency does not get loaded by maven if only dependency to commons-fileupload is specified Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-173 Manifest for OSGi has invalid syntax Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-143 "Stream ended unexpectedly" when posting from a Flash client Bug Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-227 Private immutable fields which could be final Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-226 DiskFileItem.counter could be converted to AtomicInteger (or AtomicLong?) Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-225 Replace java.rmi.server.UID() with java.util.UUID Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-224 Avoid string concatenations while parsing headers, use buffers instead Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-223 Update commons-io dependency to latest version that supports JDK1.5 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-210 Process HTTP Requests Into Maps Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-209 Add Support for Generic Types Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-207 enhance file read/write performance Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-182 Documentation: add simple HTML form example to fileupload user guide Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-215 version 1.3 improvement tasks Task Fixed Resolved
1.3 FILEUPLOAD-201 Update to JDK 1.5 and bump IO dependency to 2.0.1 Task Fixed Resolved
1.2.2 FILEUPLOAD-160 disk leak if multipart parse error Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.2 FILEUPLOAD-158 MultipartStream javadoc example cannot be compiled Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.2 FILEUPLOAD-157 The ProgressListener isn't always notified about the total number of Items found in a MultipartStream. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.2 FILEUPLOAD-156 MultipartStream constructor requires package access to avoid deprecation warnings Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.2 FILEUPLOAD-152 Unit incompatibility betweenFileUpload.setFileSizeMax and FileUploadBase$FileItemIteratorImpl Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.2 FILEUPLOAD-155 Fix documentation on resource clean up in conjunction with DiskFileItemFactory Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.2.2 FILEUPLOAD-154 improve FileUploadLimitExceededException metadata Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.2.1 FILEUPLOAD-153 Cannot run unit tests from Ant 1.7.0 (Sun) Java 1.3.1 Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.1 FILEUPLOAD-145 setFileSizeMax validation is happening after ENTIRE file gets uploaded Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.1 FILEUPLOAD-139 [fileupload] separator of boundary doesnt match rfc1867 examples Bug Fixed Closed
1.2.1, 1.3.1 FILEUPLOAD-137 MultipartStream public API broken Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.1 FILEUPLOAD-135 InputStream created with Streaming API returns EOF on first read() for short files uploaded from FireFox over HTTPS Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.1 FILEUPLOAD-134 A factory-created DiskFileItem does not have an initialized dfos, causing NullPointerExceptions if getOutputStream() is not called. Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.1 FILEUPLOAD-116 max headers size is checked but improperly handled Bug Fixed Resolved
1.2.1 FILEUPLOAD-130 Add ability to get any header from the FileItem and FileItemStream interfaces Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.2.1 FILEUPLOAD-129 MockHttpServletRequest doesn't compile against Servlet 2.4 Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.2 FILEUPLOAD-127 distribution mirrors looking for commons-fileupload-1.2.tar.gz but file is named commons-fileupload-1.2-bin.tar.gz Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 FILEUPLOAD-126 Documentation StreamUtil Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 FILEUPLOAD-123 NullPointerException in FileUploadBase.createItem(FileUploadBase.java:500) when no factory was set in FileUpload Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 FILEUPLOAD-120 memory leak due to classloader leak (in commons.io) Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 FILEUPLOAD-113 uncomment ServletFileUpload.isMultipartContent() Bug Fixed Closed