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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
IO-370 Utilities Links are broken on User Guide.... Bug Fixed Closed
IO-347 commons-io:commons-io:1.3.2 POM incorrectly deployed under org.apache.commons Bug Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-494 Filters Mismatch return type in api docs of class DirectoryWalker. Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-492 Utilities Typo: In an IOUtils.java comment it says "focussed" instead of "focused" Bug Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-484 Utilities FilenameUtils should handle embedded null bytes Bug Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-481 org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils#waitFor waits too long Bug Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-479 Utilities Correct exception message in FileUtils.getFile(File, String...) Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-462 IOExceptionWithCause no longer needed Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-453 Utilities Regression in FileUtils.readFileToString from 2.0.1 Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-451 ant test fails - resources missing from test classpath Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-448 Utilities FileUtils.waitFor(...) swallows thread interrupted status Bug Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-436 Utilities Improper JavaDoc comment for FilenameUtils.indexOfExtension Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-428 Streams/Writers BOMInputStream.skip returns wrong count if stream contains no BOM Bug Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-390 FileUtils.sizeOfDirectoryAsBigInteger can overflow Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-389 FileUtils.sizeOfDirectory can throw IllegalArgumentException Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-383 FileUtils.doCopyFile caches the file size; needs to be documented Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-379 CharSequenceInputStream - add tests for available() Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-374 WildcardFileFilter ctors should not use null to mean IOCase.SENSITIVE when delegating to other ctors Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-372 FileUtils.moveDirectory can produce misleading error message on failiure Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-368 Streams/Writers ClassLoaderObjectInputStream does not handle primitive typed members Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-362 Utilities IOUtils.contentEquals* methods returns false if input1 == input2, should return true Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-361 Utilities Add API FileUtils.forceMkdirsParent() Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-357 Streams/Writers [Tailer] InterruptedException while the thead is sleeping is silently ignored Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-356 Streams/Writers CharSequenceInputStream#reset() behaves incorrectly in case when buffer size is not dividable by data size Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-355 Utilities IOUtils copyLarge() and skip() methods are performance hogs Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-354 Utilities Commons IO Tailer does not respect UTF-8 Charset Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-343 org.apache.commons.io.comparator Javadoc is inconsistent with real code Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-328 FileUtils.listFilesAndDirs includes original dir in results even when it doesn't match filter Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-323 Utilities What should happen in FileUtils.sizeOf[Directory] when an overflow takes place? Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-299 Utilities getPrefixLength returns null if filename has leading slashes Bug Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-487 Utilities ValidatingObjectInputStream contribution - restrict which classes can be deserialized Improvement Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-471 Utilities Support for additional encodings needed in ReversedLinesFileReader Improvement Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-452 Utilities FileUtils.isSymlink returns false for broken symlinks. Improvement Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-437 Utilities Make IOUtils.EOF public and reuse it in various classes Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-435 Javadoc of methods in FileUtils does not mention thrown IllegalArgumentException Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-433 Upgrade To Use JUnit @Annotations Improvement Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-380 FileUtils.copyInputStreamToFile should document it closes the input source Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-375 Utilities FilenameUtils.splitOnTokens(String text) check for '**' could be simplified Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-353 Utilities Add API IOUtils.copy(InputStream, OutputStream, int) Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-352 Spelling fixes Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-349 Utilities Add API with array offset and length argument to FileUtils.writeByteArrayToFile Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-348 Utilities Missing information in IllegalArgumentException thrown by org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils#validateListFilesParameters Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-346 Streams/Writers Add ByteArrayOutputStream.toInputStream() Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-345 Supply a hook method allowing Tailer actively determining stop condition Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-341 Streams/Writers A constant for holding the BOM character (U+FEFF) Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-338 Utilities When a file is rotated, finish reading previous file prior to starting new one Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-314 Streams/Writers Deprecate all methods that use the default encoding Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-239 Convert IOCase to a Java 1.5+ Enumeration Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-233 Streams/Writers Add Methods for Buffering Streams/Writers To IOUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-459 Streams/Writers Add WindowsLineEndingInputStream and UnixLineEndingInputStream New Feature Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-457 Streams/Writers Add BoundedReader New Feature Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-446 Utilities adds an endOfFileReached method to the TailerListener New Feature Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-426 Utilities Add API IOUtils.closeQuietly(Closeable...) New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-425 Setter method for ThresholdingOutputStream New Feature Fixed Closed
2.5 IO-385 FileUtils.doCopyFile can potentially loop for ever New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-382 Utilities Chunked IO for large arrays New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-381 Utilities Add FileUtils.copyInputStreamToFile API with option to leave the source open New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-360 Add API Charsets.requiredCharsets() New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-359 Add IOUtils.skip and skipFully(ReadableByteChannel, long) New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-358 Add IOUtils.read and readFully(ReadableByteChannel, ByteBuffer buffer) New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-330 IOUtils#toBufferedOutputStream/toBufferedWriter to conditionally wrap the output New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-465 Update to JUnit 4.12 Task Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-422 Deprecate Charsets Charset constants in favor of Java 7's java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets Task Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-406 Streams/Writers Introduce new class AppendableOutputStream Task Fixed Resolved
2.5 IO-410 Utilities [IO] Readfully() That Returns A Byte Array Wish Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-369 Streams/Writers Apache Commons - standard links for documents are failing Bug Fixed Closed
2.4 IO-336 Utilities Yottabyte (YB) incorrectly defined in FileUtils Bug Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-335 Tailer#readLines - incorrect CR handling Bug Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-334 FileUtils.toURLs throws NPE for null parameter; this is inconsistent with toFiles method behaviour Bug Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-331 Streams/Writers BOMInputStream wrongly detects UTF-32LE_BOM files as UTF-16LE_BOM files in method getBOM() Bug Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-329 Streams/Writers FileUtils.writeLines uses unbuffered IO Bug Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-319 FileUtils.sizeOfDirectory follows symbolic links. Bug Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-269 Tailer locks file from deletion/rename on Windows Bug Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-333 Export OSGi packages at version 1.x in addition to 2.x Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-332 Improve tailer's reading performance Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-320 Streams/Writers Add XmlStreamReader support for UTF-32 Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-278 Improve Tailer performance with buffered reads Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-327 Utilities Add byteCountToDisplaySize(BigInteger) New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-326 Utilities Add new FileUtils.sizeOf[Directory] APIs to return BigInteger New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-325 Utilities Add IOUtils.toByteArray methods to work with URL and URI New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.4 IO-324 Utilities Add missing Charset sister APIs to method that take a String charset name. New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.3 IO-321 ByteOrderMark UTF_32LE is incorrect Bug Fixed Resolved
2.3 IO-322 Utilities Add and use class Charsets New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.3 IO-318 Add Charset sister APIs to method that take a String charset name. New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.3 IO-315 Streams/Writers Replace all "String encoding" parameters with a value type New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.2 IO-312 CharSequenceInputStream(CharSequence s, Charset charset, int bufferSize) ignores bufferSize Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-311 Utilities IOUtils.read(InputStream/Reader) ignores the offset parameter Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-307 ReaderInputStream#read(byte[] b, int off, int len) should check for valid parameters Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-306 ReaderInputStream#read(byte[] b, int off, int len) should always return 0 for length == 0 Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-304 The second constructor of Tailer class does not pass 'delay' to the third one Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-303 Streams/Writers TeeOutputStream does not call branch.close() when main.close() throws an exception Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-302 Streams/Writers ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in BOMInputStream when reading a file without BOM multiple times Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-300 FileUtils.moveDirectoryToDirectory removes source directory if destination is a subdirectory Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-298 Utilities Various methods of class 'org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils' incorrectly suppress 'java.io.IOException's. Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-276 "FileUtils#deleteDirectoryOnExit(File)" does not work Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-273 Streams/Writers BoundedInputStream.read() treats max differently from BoundedInputStream.read(byte[]...) Bug Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-301 Utilities Add IOUtils.closeQuietly(Selector) Improvement Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-297 CharSequenceInputStream to efficiently stream content of a CharSequence Improvement Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-296 ReaderInputStream optimization: more efficient reading of small chunks of data Improvement Fixed Closed
2.2 IO-292 IOUtils.closeQuietly() should take a ServerSocket as a parameter Improvement Fixed Closed