JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
JCI-63 Released JCI 1.0 downloads are signed by a key NOT in the master KEYS file   Fixed Resolved
JCI-36 JCI: errors and warnings not reported   Fixed Closed
JCI-35 JCI: CompilingClassLoader race conditions   Fixed Closed
JCI-34 [jci] Optional ClassLoader   Fixed Closed
JCI-33 [jci] CompilerFactory   Fixed Closed
JCI-32 [jci] Improved Groovy Compiler Exception handling   Fixed Closed
JCI-31 [jci] MemoryResourceStore should using standard class file names for keys   Fixed Closed
JCI-30 [jci] Groovy no longer allows null CompilerConfiguration   Fixed Closed
JCI-29 [jci] Janino throws NullPointers   Fixed Closed
JCI-28 [jci] Eclipse compiler breaks if packages have capital letters   Fixed Closed
JCI-27 [jci] id element shoud be removed from contributors   Fixed Closed
JCI-26 [jci] Bug in JaninoJavaCompiler   Fixed Closed
JCI-25 ClassFormatException during Javaflow class enhancement   Fixed Closed
JCI-24 [jci] compiler always logs to console   Fixed Closed
JCI-22 [jci] Remove runtime dependency on StringUtil   Fixed Closed
JCI-21 [jci] Project dependencies fixed   Fixed Closed
JCI-20 JCI: Eclipse compiler doesn't handling warnings correctly   Fixed Closed
JCI-19 [jci] use groovy-all dep   Fixed Closed
JCI-18 [jci] CompilationProblem as interface   Fixed Closed
JCI-17 [jci] GroovyJavaCompiler assumes extensions end in ".java"   Fixed Closed
JCI-16 [jci] Groovy JSR-04 SourceUnit api change   Fixed Closed
JCI-14 [jci] implement removeResourceStore   Fixed Closed
JCI-13 [jci] add list() method to readers and stores   Fixed Closed
JCI-12 [jci] we incorrect change groovy class name to a filename   Fixed Closed
JCI-10 [jci] Stop Groovy from outputting to disk   Fixed Closed
JCI-8 [jci] Different Compilers use different separators   Fixed Closed
JCI-7 [jci] compilation problems are not delegated to CompilationProblemHandler   Fixed Closed
JCI-6 [jci] FileResourceStore does not store class files correctly   Fixed Closed
JCI-5 [jci] Remove utils package   Fixed Closed
JCI-3 [jci] compiler implementations: streams remain open ... and other minor issues   Fixed Closed
JCI-2 [jci] AbstractCompilerTestCase hard codes .java but Groovy expects .groovy   Fixed Closed
JCI-1 [jci] add System.gc() to ReloadingClassLoaderTestCase tearDown()   Fixed Closed
JCI-44 [jci] splitting FilesystemAlterationMonitor   Fixed Closed
JCI-42 [jci] Compiler interface changes   Fixed Closed
JCI-40 [jci] clean ups and enhancements to JaninoJavaCompiler   Fixed Closed
JCI-37 [jci][GSOC] Status patchs   Fixed Closed
1.0 JCI-45 ReloadingClassLoader's removeResourceStore() method doesn't work   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-74 FilesystemAlterationMonitor.delay is not safely published   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-72 jsr199 module refers to itself as jsr166   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-68 FilesystemAlterationMonitor NullPointerException when directory not readable   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-67 Dubious use of mkdirs() return code   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-65 Make FilesystemAlterationMonitor Thread a Daemon thread   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-62 NullPointerException when calling stop() before calling start()   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-61 Upgrade Asm (test) dependency to latest 3.1   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-58 EclipseJavaCompiler fails to close inputstream   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-56 Incorrect Store read in EclipseJavaCompiler   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-53 Stack overflow on cross imports in commons-jci-janino   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-51 Eclipse compiler settings are ignored   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-50 Javac 1.5 source and target parameters   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-69 Upgrade the dependency on Janino   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-66 fam module not in root pom   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-52 Patch for tool_api-5.0-fr-spec   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-41 [jci] icl.loadIClass(Descriptor.fromClassName(pClasses[i])) now throws ClassNotFoundException   Fixed Closed
1.1 JCI-73 Drop javac compiler; it only works on Java 1.5   Fixed Closed