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Packages that use ExpressionSupport
org.apache.commons.jelly.expression Implementations of the Expression classes using commons-jexl. 
org.apache.commons.jelly.expression.jexl Expressions used to turn the tag attribute values into compiled expression objects for languages such as Jexl, XPath, Velocity, beanshell, Rhino etc. 

Uses of ExpressionSupport in org.apache.commons.jelly.expression

Subclasses of ExpressionSupport in org.apache.commons.jelly.expression
 class CompositeExpression
          CompositeExpression is a Composite expression made up of several Expression objects which are concatenated into a single String.
 class ConstantExpression
          ConstantExpression represents a constant expression.

Uses of ExpressionSupport in org.apache.commons.jelly.expression.jexl

Subclasses of ExpressionSupport in org.apache.commons.jelly.expression.jexl
 class JexlExpression
          Represents a Jexl expression which fully supports the Expression Language in JSTL and JSP along with some extra features like object method invocation.
private  class JexlExpressionFactory.ExpressionSupportLocal

Uses of ExpressionSupport in org.apache.commons.jelly.expression.xpath

Subclasses of ExpressionSupport in org.apache.commons.jelly.expression.xpath
 class XPathExpression
          An expression which returns an XPath object.