Package org.apache.commons.jexl2.introspection

Provides high-level introspective services.


Interface Summary
JexlMethod Interface used for regular method invocation.
JexlPropertyGet Interface for getting values that appear to be properties.
JexlPropertySet Interface used for setting values that appear to be properties.
Uberspect 'Federated' introspection/reflection interface to allow the introspection behavior in JEXL to be customized.

Class Summary
Sandbox A sandbox describes permissions on a class by explicitly allowing or forbidding access to methods and properties through "whitelists" and "blacklists".
Sandbox.BlackSet A black set of names.
Sandbox.Names A base set of names.
Sandbox.Permissions Contains the white or black lists for properties and methods for a given class.
Sandbox.WhiteSet A white set of names.
SandboxUberspectImpl An uberspect that controls usage of properties, methods and contructors through a sandbox.
UberspectImpl Implementation of Uberspect to provide the default introspective functionality of JEXL.
UberspectImpl.FieldPropertyGet Deprecated. Do not use externally - will be made private in a later version
UberspectImpl.FieldPropertySet Deprecated. Do not use externally - will be made private in a later version
UberspectImpl.IndexedContainer A generic indexed property container, exposes get(key) and set(key, value) and solves method call dynamically based on arguments.

Package org.apache.commons.jexl2.introspection Description

Provides high-level introspective services.

The Uberspect, JexlMethod, JexlPropertyGet and JexlPropertySet interfaces form the exposed face of introspective services.

The Uberspectimpl is the concrete class implementing the Uberspect interface. Deriving from this class is the preferred way of augmenting Jexl introspective capabilities when special needs to be fullfilled or when default behaviors need to be modified.

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