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Packages that use Node
org.apache.commons.jexl2.parser Contains the Parser for JEXL script. 

Uses of Node in org.apache.commons.jexl2.parser

Classes in org.apache.commons.jexl2.parser that implement Node
 class ASTAdditiveNode
 class ASTAdditiveOperator
 class ASTAmbiguous
 class ASTAndNode
 class ASTArrayAccess
 class ASTArrayLiteral
 class ASTAssignment
 class ASTBitwiseAndNode
 class ASTBitwiseComplNode
 class ASTBitwiseOrNode
 class ASTBitwiseXorNode
 class ASTBlock
 class ASTConstructorNode
 class ASTDivNode
 class ASTEmptyFunction
 class ASTEQNode
 class ASTERNode
 class ASTFalseNode
 class ASTFloatLiteral
          Deprecated. Only for use in maintaining binary compatibility - should not actually be used - will be removed in 3.0
 class ASTForeachStatement
 class ASTFunctionNode
 class ASTGENode
 class ASTGTNode
 class ASTIdentifier
          Identifiers, variables and registers.
 class ASTIfStatement
 class ASTIntegerLiteral
          Deprecated. Only for use in maintaining binary compatibility - should not actually be used - will be removed in 3.0
 class ASTJexlScript
          Enhanced script to allow parameters declaration.
 class ASTLENode
 class ASTLTNode
 class ASTMapEntry
 class ASTMapLiteral
 class ASTMethodNode
 class ASTModNode
 class ASTMulNode
 class ASTNENode
 class ASTNotNode
 class ASTNRNode
 class ASTNullLiteral
 class ASTNumberLiteral
 class ASTOrNode
 class ASTReference
 class ASTReferenceExpression
 class ASTReturnStatement
 class ASTSizeFunction
 class ASTSizeMethod
 class ASTStringLiteral
 class ASTTernaryNode
 class ASTTrueNode
 class ASTUnaryMinusNode
 class ASTVar
          Declares a local variable.
 class ASTWhileStatement
 class JexlNode
          Base class for parser nodes - holds an 'image' of the token for later use.
 class SimpleNode
          A class originally generated by JJTree with the following JavaCCOptions: MULTI=true,NODE_USES_PARSER=true,VISITOR=true,TRACK_TOKENS=false,NODE_PREFIX=AST,NODE_EXTENDS=,NODE_FACTORY= Works around issue As soon as this issue if fixed and the maven plugin uses the correct version of Javacc, this class can go away.

Methods in org.apache.commons.jexl2.parser that return Node
 Node Node.jjtGetChild(int i)
          This method returns a child node.
 Node Node.jjtGetParent()
 Node JJTParserState.peekNode()
 Node JJTParserState.popNode()
 Node JJTParserState.rootNode()

Methods in org.apache.commons.jexl2.parser with parameters of type Node
 void JJTParserState.clearNodeScope(Node n)
 void JJTParserState.closeNodeScope(Node n, boolean condition)
 void JJTParserState.closeNodeScope(Node n, int num)
 void SimpleNode.jjtAddChild(Node n, int i)
          Adds a child node.
 void Node.jjtAddChild(Node n, int i)
          This method tells the node to add its argument to the node's list of children.
 void SimpleNode.jjtSetParent(Node n)
          Sets this node's parent.
 void Node.jjtSetParent(Node n)
          This pair of methods are used to inform the node of its parent.
 void JJTParserState.openNodeScope(Node n)
 void JJTParserState.pushNode(Node n)

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