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Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
JEXL-51 JEXL-22 (Allow unicode literals to be used) not fixed yet Bug Fixed Closed
JEXL-9 cannot issue ${set.size()} on java.util.Set Bug Fixed Closed
JEXL-8 JEXL overview "Release" section is wrong Bug Fixed Closed
JEXL-6 [jexl] Unary Minus + Float not supported Bug Fixed Closed
JEXL-5 [jexl] 'abc'.substring(0,1+1) is empty (method matching problem!) Bug Fixed Closed
JEXL-4 [jexl] Contribution on ASTAssignment and ASTStatementExpression Bug Fixed Closed
JEXL-2 [jexl][patch] Rethrow exceptions in method execution Bug Fixed Closed
JEXL-1 [jexl] Comparing Integers as ints no longer works Bug Fixed Closed
JEXL-14 [jexl] JSTL-compliant parameter coercion for LT/GT/LE/GE Improvement Fixed Closed
Later JEXL-65 Need operator for integer division New Feature Fixed Closed
Later JEXL-46 adding Perl-like regular-expression operators New Feature Fixed Closed
3.1 JEXL-221 Sporadic undefined property error caused by NPE at MapGetExecutor.tryInvoke() Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-217 Interpreter.getAttribute() raises exception in non-strict mode when cached property resolver is used Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-214 Redundant call of fillInStackTrace() in JexlEngine.createInfo() ? Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-213 rename JexlBuilder.loader(Charset arg) to JexlBuilder.charset(Charset arg) Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-209 Unsolvable function/method '<?>.<null>(...)' Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-208 Documentation typos/inconsistencies Bug Fixed Closed
3.1 JEXL-207 Inconsistent error handling Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-206 testCallableCancel() test hangs sporadically Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-203 JexlArithmetic.options() diverts Interpreter to use default implementation of JexlArithmetic instead of custom one Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-202 Detect invalid (addition/subtraction/etc)-assignment operator usage with non-assignable l-value during script parsing Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-196 Script execution hangs while calling method with one argument without parameter Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-193 InterruptedException is swallowed in function call in silent and non-strict mode Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-192 Invalid return type when expected result is null Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-191 Jexl3 unsolvable property exception when using enum Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-190 local function within context is not resolved if function resolver class without namespace is specified Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-189 Possible bug in Interpreter.isCancelled() Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-188 Possible bug in JexlArithmetic.isFloatingPointNumber Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-186 Performance regression in arithmetic operations compared to JEXL 2.1 Bug Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-222 The ability to declare indexed property getter/setter in customised JexlArithmetic implementation Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-219 Blacklist by default in sandbox Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-216 Improve parsing concurrency in multithreaded environment Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-215 JexlEngine.createInfo() is redundantly called when debug and caching is enabled leading to sub-optimal performance Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-211 Add callable method to JexlExpression interface Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-201 Allow Interpreter to use live values from JexlEngine.Option interface implemented by JexlContext Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-198 JxltEngine Template deos not expose pragmas Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-197 Add annotations Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-195 Support for AtomicBoolean in logical expressions Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-194 allow synchronization on iterableValue in foreach statement Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-187 Jexl Syntax doc does not mention 'continue' and 'break' operators Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-210 The way to cancel script execution with an error New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-205 testCancelForever() is not terminated properly Task Fixed Resolved
3.1 JEXL-220 Release 3.1 to Maven Repository Wish Fixed Resolved
3.0 JEXL-184 dot-ed identifiers parsing failure Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-183 Array parsing gives inconsistent results when no data present Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-181 Cannot create inline Map with array or function call as the key Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-180 Documentation - suggests using float for financials Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-171 Map access operator does not work if key name clashes with map property name Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-169 A string is wrongly identified as FloatingPointNumber Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-167 Possible loss of value when converting BigDecimal to BigInteger Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-166 Incorrect operator symbol for bitwise complement in jexlArithmetic Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-163 empty(new ("java.lang.Long", 4294967296)) returns true Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-162 empty() function throws an exception : unsupported type Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-158 Handle locale decimal separators correctly Bug Fixed Closed
2, 3.0 JEXL-157 Replace File.pathSeparator with File.separator Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-156 BigDecimal does not take precedence in arithmetic operations Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-155 Variable names / values not looked up correctly Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-153 javadoc fails with 1.8.0 Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-148 Incorrect Map Property get Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-147 Array literal with variable parts never re-evaluated Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-146 Performance problem in Interpreter.unknownVariable mechanism Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-145 Incorrect test case in SandboxTest Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-144 Empty array property setting fails Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-142 Map expression issue with empty key Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-141 Suffix for Big Decimal and Big Integer Literal is incorrectly mentioned in Java docs Bug Fixed Closed
2.1.2, 3.0 JEXL-138 Erroneous "inaccessible or unknown property" warning Bug Fixed Closed
2.1.2, 3.0 JEXL-137 Invalid script variable list for nested array/map access Bug Fixed Closed
2.1.2, 3.0 JEXL-136 Script calls within scripts may fail with number arguments Bug Fixed Closed
2.1.2, 3.0 JEXL-135 using map as script parameter or local variable Bug Fixed Closed
2.1.2, 3.0 JEXL-134 Issue with evaluation of concat of variables : \r + \n gives 0 Bug Fixed Resolved
2.1.2, 3.0 JEXL-131 UnifiedJexl (2.1.x) / Jxlt (3.0) parsing may fail with NPE Bug Fixed Closed
2.1.2, 3.0 JEXL-130 Ternary Conditional fails for Object values Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-125 Unable to invoke method with ObjectContext Bug Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-182 null coalesce operator Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-178 'Unsolvable property' message to provide details about underlying exception Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-176 Synonym operator name 'in' for operator =~ // Remove 'foreach...in' syntax Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-170 Implement assignment operators Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-168 Dedicated operator for String concatenation Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-165 Support for descending iterators for inversed ranges like 10..1 Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-164 public getters for high/low properties for IntegerRange and LongRange Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-160 typo in package.html Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-152 Extend Range literal to support Long values Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-133 String matching Operator short-hand inspired by CSS3 Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-128 ObjectContext<> should implement NamespaceResolver Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-127 Allow the creation of functions Improvement Fixed Closed
2.1.2, 3.0 JEXL-126 Decimal numbers literals should be 'double' by default (instead of 'float') Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-123 Redesign API for stability Improvement Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-177 Unified expressions to be used in String literals in Jexl scripts New Feature Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-174 Overloadable property access operators New Feature Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-173 Duck-typed java closures New Feature Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-151 operators to manipulate j.u.Collection New Feature Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-149 Set Construction as per EL 3.0 spec New Feature Fixed Closed
3.0 JEXL-79 Add support for growable arrays (ArrayLists) New Feature Fixed Closed
2.1.1 JEXL-124 Array parameters to methods don't work anymore Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 JEXL-112 Cannot parse Integer.MIN_VALUE Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 JEXL-111 expression execute error Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 JEXL-108 parsing error if i define a empty literal array/map Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 JEXL-107 literals and parenthesized expressions can not be used as references Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 JEXL-105 Array literals are considered constant even when they are not Bug Fixed Closed
2.1 JEXL-104 NPE in JexlArithmetic when an Array-Expression containing a null is used. Bug Fixed Closed