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Release Notes

Release History

Version Date Description
1.4 2014-??-?? New features and bug fixes.

Release 1.4 – 2014-??-??

Type Changes By
Fix FunctionLibrary Multithreading issue Fixes JXPATH-141. mbenson
Fix Bean exception handling Fixes JXPATH-131. Thanks to Gabriel Buades Rubio. mbenson
Fix JXPath support for LazyDynaBean is broken. Fixes JXPATH-128. Thanks to Gabriel Buades Rubio. mbenson
Fix MethodLookupUtils#matchType uses TypeUtils#canConvert which causes "Ambiguous method call" exception. Fixes JXPATH-129. mbenson
Fix Wrong entry IMPORT-PACKAGE in the file MANIFEST.MF for jdom and commons-beanutils Fixes JXPATH-153. mbenson
Update Change dynamic class loading to consult context class loader. Fixes JXPATH-153. Thanks to John Trimble. mbenson
Add "ends-with" XPath function is not implemented (although "starts-with" is) Fixes JXPATH-123. mbenson
Fix Concurrent access on hashmap of JXPathIntrospector Fixes JXPATH-152. mbenson