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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Summary Type Resolution Status
4.0, 3.5 MATH-1214 SolutionCallback has incorrect class javadoc Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 MATH-1211 PolyhedronsSet.firstIntersection(Vector3D point, Line line) sometimes reports intersections on wrong end of line Bug Fixed Resolved
4.0, 3.5 MATH-1209 Documentation in PoissonDistribution.sample() has dead link Bug Fixed Resolved
4.0, 3.5 MATH-1208 EmpiricalDistribution cumulativeProbability can return NaN when evaluated within a constant bin Bug Fixed Resolved
4.0, 3.5 MATH-1204 bracket function gives up too early Bug Fixed Resolved
4.0, 3.5 MATH-1199 Quadratic mean New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.5, 4,0 MATH-1198 Simplify FastMath exp function Improvement Fixed Resolved
4.0, 3.5 MATH-1191 QRDecomposition decompose and performHouseholderReflection methods ignore matrix parameters Bug Fixed Resolved