JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Summary Type Resolution Status
3.2 MATH-961 Numerous array dimensions problems with secondary equations in ODE Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-960 ODE integrator do not handle some additional equations properly Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-957 Use analytical function for UniformRealDistribution.inverseCumulativeProbability Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-956 Hardcoded numbers in "LevenbergMarquardtOptimizer" Task Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-955 EmpiricalDistributionTest fails if path contains spaces Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-954 Faster implementation of FastMath.abs Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-953 Replaced Double.doubleToLongBits to Double.doubleToRawLongBits where appropriate Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-951 Patch: Faster implementation of double org.apache.commons.math3.util.FastMath.copySign(double, double) Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-950 event state not updated if an unrelated event triggers a RESET_STATE during ODE integration Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-949 LevenbergMarquardtOptimizer reports 0 iterations Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-948 Add inverse error function and inverse complementary error function Wish Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-947 SingularValueDecomposition constructor blocks with NaN in the matrix Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-946 Array Scaling Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-942 DiscreteDistribution.sample(int) may throw an exception if first element of singletons of sub-class type Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-941 Discrete distributions Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-940 AbstractExtendedFieldElementTest should be renamed to ExtendedFieldElementAbstractTest Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-939 stat.correlation.Covariance should allow one-column matrices Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-938 Line.revert() is imprecise Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-937 NoBracketingException after event was found Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-936 RandomDataGenerator#nextLong violates bounds Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-935 DerivativeStructure.atan2(y,x) does not handle special cases properly Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-934 Complex.ZERO.reciprocal() returns NaN but should return INF. Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-933 Optimizers: Throw exception when bounds are passed to an algorithm that does not support them Wish Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-931 Speed up UnitSphereRandomVectorGenerator for high dimensions Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-930 SimplexSolver finds suboptimal solution or throws NoFeasibleSolutionException Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-929 MultivariateNormalDistribution.density(double[]) returns wrong value when the dimension is odd Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-925 Implementation of a diagonal matrix New Feature Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-921 Missing license information Task Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-917 More distance measurements are needed in o.a.c.m.stat.clustering. Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-914 Inconsistent multi-start randomization (optimizers) Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-891 SpearmansCorrelation fails when using NaturalRanking together with NaNStrategy.REMOVED Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-877 Allow category data to be provided as SummaryStatistics in OneWayAnova Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-862 AbstractRealMatrix should check that all supplied double[][] arrays are rectangular Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-861 Make sure that entries of FieldVectors cannot be null Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-845 Basic number theory features such as primality testing, factorization and prime number generation New Feature Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-817 Multivariate Normal Mixture Model Fitting by Expectation Maximization New Feature Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-811 Improve event detection by selecting g function slope Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-672 EmpiricalDistribution(Impl) should implement the Distribution interface Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-671 EmpiricalDistribution(Impl) should support a pluggable kernel Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-630 Rank Revealing QR Decomposition missing Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-598 Improving RandomDataTest Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-580 FastMath Performance Test should use larger ranges where the functions support them Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-570 Change some constructors of ArrayFieldVector to accept FieldVector Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-476 FastMath code contains 'magic' numbers, e.g. (-)4503599627370496.0 Improvement Fixed Closed
3.2 MATH-460 Levy Distribution New Feature Fixed Closed