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Packages that use ParameterInfo
org.apache.commons.modeler The Modeler component of the Apache Commons subproject offers convenient support for configuring and instantiating Model MBeans (management beans), as described in the JMX Specification. 

Uses of ParameterInfo in org.apache.commons.modeler

Fields in org.apache.commons.modeler declared as ParameterInfo
protected  ParameterInfo[] OperationInfo.parameters
protected  ParameterInfo[] ConstructorInfo.parameters

Methods in org.apache.commons.modeler that return ParameterInfo
 ParameterInfo[] OperationInfo.getSignature()
          The set of parameters for this operation.
 ParameterInfo[] ConstructorInfo.getSignature()
          The set of parameters for this constructor.

Methods in org.apache.commons.modeler with parameters of type ParameterInfo
 void OperationInfo.addParameter(ParameterInfo parameter)
          Add a new parameter to the set of arguments for this operation.
 void ConstructorInfo.addParameter(ParameterInfo parameter)
          Add a new parameter to the set of parameters for this constructor.

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