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Uses of Evaluation in org.apache.commons.ognl

Methods in org.apache.commons.ognl that return Evaluation
 Evaluation EvaluationPool.create(SimpleNode node, Object source)
          Deprecated. Returns an Evaluation that contains the node, source and whether it is a set operation.
 Evaluation EvaluationPool.create(SimpleNode node, Object source, boolean setOperation)
          Deprecated. Returns an Evaluation that contains the node, source and whether it is a set operation.
 Evaluation OgnlContext.getCurrentEvaluation()
          Gets the current Evaluation from the top of the stack.
 Evaluation OgnlException.getEvaluation()
          Returns the Evaluation that was the root evaluation when the exception was thrown.
 Evaluation OgnlContext.getEvaluation(int relativeIndex)
          Returns the Evaluation at the relative index given.
 Evaluation Evaluation.getFirstChild()
          Returns the first child of this evaluation.
 Evaluation Evaluation.getFirstDescendant()
          Gets the first descendent.
 Evaluation Evaluation.getLastChild()
          Returns the last child of this evaluation.
 Evaluation Evaluation.getLastDescendant()
          Gets the last descendent.
 Evaluation OgnlContext.getLastEvaluation()
static Evaluation Ognl.getLastEvaluation(Map<String,Object> context)
          Gets the last Evaluation executed on the given context.
 Evaluation Evaluation.getNext()
          Returns the next sibling of this evaluation.
 Evaluation Evaluation.getParent()
          Returns the parent evaluation of this evaluation.
 Evaluation Evaluation.getPrevious()
          Returns the previous sibling of this evaluation.
 Evaluation OgnlContext.getRootEvaluation()
          Gets the root of the evaluation stack.
 Evaluation OgnlContext.popEvaluation()
          Pops the current Evaluation off of the top of the stack.

Methods in org.apache.commons.ognl with parameters of type Evaluation
 void Evaluation.addChild(Evaluation child)
          Adds a child to the list of children of this evaluation.
 void OgnlContext.pushEvaluation(Evaluation value)
          Pushes a new Evaluation onto the stack.
 void EvaluationPool.recycle(Evaluation value)
          Deprecated. object-pooling now relies on the jvm garbage collection
 void EvaluationPool.recycleAll(Evaluation value)
          Deprecated. object-pooling now relies on the jvm garbage collection
 void OgnlContext.setCurrentEvaluation(Evaluation value)
 void OgnlException.setEvaluation(Evaluation value)
          Sets the Evaluation that was current when this exception was thrown.
 void OgnlContext.setLastEvaluation(Evaluation value)
 void OgnlContext.setRootEvaluation(Evaluation value)

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