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Packages that use MemberAccess

Uses of MemberAccess in org.apache.commons.ognl

Classes in org.apache.commons.ognl that implement MemberAccess
 class DefaultMemberAccess
          This class provides methods for setting up and restoring access in a Field.

Fields in org.apache.commons.ognl declared as MemberAccess
static MemberAccess OgnlContext.DEFAULT_MEMBER_ACCESS

Methods in org.apache.commons.ognl that return MemberAccess
 MemberAccess OgnlContext.getMemberAccess()
static MemberAccess Ognl.getMemberAccess(Map<String,Object> context)
          Gets the currently stored MemberAccess object for the given context - if any.

Methods in org.apache.commons.ognl with parameters of type MemberAccess
static Map<String,Object> Ognl.addDefaultContext(Object root, ClassResolver classResolver, TypeConverter converter, MemberAccess memberAccess, Map<String,Object> context)
          Appends the standard naming context for evaluating an OGNL expression into the context given so that cached maps can be used as a context.
static Map<String,Object> Ognl.createDefaultContext(Object root, ClassResolver classResolver, TypeConverter converter, MemberAccess memberAccess)
          Creates and returns a new standard naming context for evaluating an OGNL expression.
static void Ognl.setMemberAccess(Map<String,Object> context, MemberAccess memberAccess)
          Configures the specified context with a MemberAccess instance for handling field/method protection levels.
 void OgnlContext.setMemberAccess(MemberAccess value)

Constructors in org.apache.commons.ognl with parameters of type MemberAccess
OgnlContext(ClassResolver classResolver, TypeConverter typeConverter, MemberAccess memberAccess)
          Constructs a new OgnlContext with the given class resolver, type converter and member access.
OgnlContext(ClassResolver classResolver, TypeConverter typeConverter, MemberAccess memberAccess, Map<String,Object> values)

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