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Packages that use MethodAccessor

Uses of MethodAccessor in org.apache.commons.ognl

Classes in org.apache.commons.ognl that implement MethodAccessor
 class ObjectMethodAccessor
          Implementation of PropertyAccessor that uses reflection on the target object's class to find a field or a pair of set/get methods with the given property name.

Methods in org.apache.commons.ognl that return MethodAccessor
static MethodAccessor OgnlRuntime.getMethodAccessor(Class<?> clazz)
 MethodAccessor OgnlCache.getMethodAccessor(Class<?> clazz)

Methods in org.apache.commons.ognl with parameters of type MethodAccessor
static void OgnlRuntime.setMethodAccessor(Class<?> clazz, MethodAccessor accessor)
 void OgnlCache.setMethodAccessor(Class<?> clazz, MethodAccessor accessor)

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