Uses of Interface

Packages that use NullHandler

Uses of NullHandler in org.apache.commons.ognl

Classes in org.apache.commons.ognl that implement NullHandler
 class ObjectNullHandler
          Implementation of NullHandler that returns null in all cases, so that NullPointerException will be thrown by the caller.

Methods in org.apache.commons.ognl that return NullHandler
static NullHandler OgnlRuntime.getNullHandler(Class<?> clazz)
 NullHandler OgnlCache.getNullHandler(Class<?> clazz)

Methods in org.apache.commons.ognl with parameters of type NullHandler
static void OgnlRuntime.setNullHandler(Class<?> clazz, NullHandler handler)
 void OgnlCache.setNullHandler(Class<?> clazz, NullHandler handler)

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