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Uses of Token in org.apache.commons.ognl

Fields in org.apache.commons.ognl declared as Token
 Token ParseException.currentToken
          This is the last token that has been consumed successfully.
 Token OgnlParser.jj_nt
          Next token.
          A reference to the next regular (non-special) token from the input stream.
 Token Token.specialToken
          This field is used to access special tokens that occur prior to this token, but after the immediately preceding regular (non-special) token.
 Token OgnlParser.token
          Current token.

Methods in org.apache.commons.ognl that return Token
 Token OgnlParserTokenManager.getNextToken()
          Get the next Token.
 Token OgnlParser.getNextToken()
          Get the next Token.
 Token OgnlParser.getToken(int index)
          Get the specific Token.
protected  Token OgnlParserTokenManager.jjFillToken()
static Token Token.newToken(int ofKind)
static Token Token.newToken(int ofKind, String image)
          Returns a new Token object, by default.

Constructors in org.apache.commons.ognl with parameters of type Token
ParseException(Token currentTokenVal, int[][] expectedTokenSequencesVal, String[] tokenImageVal)
          This constructor is used by the method "generateParseException" in the generated parser.

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