Package org.apache.commons.pool

Object pooling API.


Interface Summary
KeyedObjectPool A "keyed" pooling interface.
KeyedObjectPoolFactory A factory for creating KeyedObjectPools.
KeyedPoolableObjectFactory An interface defining life-cycle methods for instances to be served by a KeyedObjectPool.
ObjectPool A pooling interface.
ObjectPoolFactory A factory interface for creating ObjectPools.
PoolableObjectFactory An interface defining life-cycle methods for instances to be served by an ObjectPool.

Class Summary
BaseKeyedObjectPool A simple base implementation of KeyedObjectPool.
BaseKeyedPoolableObjectFactory A base implementation of KeyedPoolableObjectFactory.
BaseObjectPool A simple base implementation of ObjectPool.
BasePoolableObjectFactory A base implementation of PoolableObjectFactory.
PoolUtils This class consists exclusively of static methods that operate on or return ObjectPool or KeyedObjectPool related interfaces.

Package org.apache.commons.pool Description

Object pooling API.

The org.apache.commons.pool package defines a simple interface for a pool of object instances, and a handful of base classes that may be useful when creating pool implementations.

The pool package itself doesn't define a specific object pooling implementation, but rather a contract that implementations may support in order to be fully interchangeable.

The pool package separates the way in which instances are pooled from the way in which they are created, resulting in a pair of interfaces:

defines a simple object pooling interface, with methods for borrowing instances from and returning them to the pool.
defines lifecycle methods for object instances contained within a pool. By associating a factory with a pool, the pool can create new object instances as needed.

ObjectPoolFactory defines a simple factory for ObjectPools, which may be useful for some applications.

The pool package also provides a keyed pool interface, which pools instances of multiple types, accessed according to an arbitrary key. See KeyedObjectPool, KeyedPoolableObjectFactory, and KeyedObjectPoolFactory.

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