Commons Proxy 1.0 API

org.apache.commons.proxy This package contains the primary API.
org.apache.commons.proxy.exception This package contains the exception classes used by the primary API.
org.apache.commons.proxy.factory.cglib This package contains the CGLIB-based ProxyFactory implementation.
org.apache.commons.proxy.factory.javassist This package contains the Javassist-based ProxyFactory implementation.
org.apache.commons.proxy.factory.util This package contains some classes useful for writing your own ProxyFactory implementation.
org.apache.commons.proxy.interceptor This package contains some useful Interceptor implementations.
org.apache.commons.proxy.interceptor.filter This package contains some useful MethodFilter implementations.
org.apache.commons.proxy.invoker This package contains some useful Invoker implementations.
org.apache.commons.proxy.provider This package contains some general-use ObjectProvider implementations.
org.apache.commons.proxy.provider.remoting This package contains some useful ObjectProvider implementations for use in remoting situations (EJB, RMI, Burlap, Hessian, JAX-RPC, etc).


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