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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
PROXY-19 Website: missing "Download" link Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 PROXY-21 Remove Cyclic Package Dependencies Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 PROXY-18 Invocation should return the proxy object, rather than the target, from #getProxy() Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 PROXY-11 slf4j-like discovery of the Proxy implementation to use Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 PROXY-10 Introducing interfaces for ProxyFactory Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 PROXY-22 Provide an ASM-based ProxyFactory implementation New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 PROXY-20 Implement A SwitchInterceptor New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.1 PROXY-8 Improve Proxy Serialization Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.1 PROXY-12 ChainInvoker New Feature Fixed Closed
1.1 PROXY-9 Provide Interceptor Support for More Logging Frameworks New Feature Fixed Resolved
1.0 PROXY-3 RMI Test Case Failures on Linux Bug Fixed Closed
1.0 PROXY-4 SerializingInterceptor New Feature Fixed Closed
1.0 PROXY-2 Duck Typing Invoker New Feature Fixed Closed
1.0 PROXY-6 bad links on the site and cannot download Task Fixed Closed
1.0 PROXY-5 bad link to burlap in the documentation Task Fixed Closed