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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
SCXML-205 finalStep gets called twice Bug Fixed Resolved
SCXML-30 Better handling of parent/child relationsships Improvement Fixed Closed
SCXML-173 Support raise element New Feature Fixed Resolved
SCXML-176 Fix Broken Links in Commons SCXML site Task Fixed Closed
SCXML-166 Update Commons SCXML site related projects section with link to SCION and SCION-Java Task Fixed Resolved
SCXML-151 path to the homepage to add link to visual editor Wish Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-234 Unit test (ScriptTest) fails on Java 1.8 due to new JS Engine Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-233 SCInstance becomes not serialzable after triggering event Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-227 Cancel doesn't work Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-211 Bug in current SCXML specification for addDescendantStatesToEnter algorithm can lead to illegal configurations Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-209 Incomplete legal state configuration validation in ModelUpdater Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-208 context reports no states in onentry of non atomic states Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-207 Race condition in transition notification for SCXMLListeners Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-206 Specification mismatch: event-less transitions are triggered by named events Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-203 Calculation of states to be entered can be depending on states to be exited and thereby also their possible history Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-202 State machine running status must be kept and maintained by SCInstance across serialization and deserialization Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-188 OpenJDK 1.6 Rhino ScriptEngine error causes JSEvaluationTest to fail Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-180 Prevent NPEs for possible null value returned from Evaluator.eval* methods Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-178 Initial state ID attribute in SCXML element shouldn't be mandatory Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-177 Correct error/warning messages in SCXML reading to be up-to-date Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-168 Test failure in SCXMLWriterTest using Java 7 Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-167 SimpleScheduler removes wrong Timer Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-165 Warning with nested parallel tags on XML Bug Fixed Resolved
0.10, 2.0 SCXML-161 transition leaving a child state of parallel Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-160 Cast to State in TransitionTargetComparator Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-112 Wrong behavior if event is triggered from EventDispatcher Bug Fixed Resolved
0.10, 2.0 SCXML-104 AbstractStateMachine log error Bug Fixed Resolved
0.10, 2.0 SCXML-103 Remove any catch (Throwable t) occurences Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-100 Support _event variable Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-99 Support read-only system variables Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-94 <assign> does not support non-XML datamodels Bug Fixed Resolved
0.10, 2.0 SCXML-92 Incorrect log level for entry/exit trace etc Bug Fixed Closed
0.10, 2.0 SCXML-91 Test case bugs Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-71 Javascript expression evaluator cannot evaluate _eventdatamap['event.name'] Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-63 sendid not getting filled in with a unique id. Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-25 Deprecate static fields in ErrorReporter Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-23 Deprecate digester rules Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-225 Preserve order in <send> namelist attribute values Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-224 Improve SCXML state configuration handling and optional validation Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-213 Fixing the datamodel handling - reimplement xpath processing, the Data() function and the <assign> action Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-212 Add support for SCXML datamodel type and default Evaluator instantiation Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-210 Align <send> action attributes support with the latest SCXML specification Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-200 Normalize and complete the SCXML object model and parsing Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-199 Map the <scxml> initial attribute to an initial Transition instead of a (single) TransitionTarget Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-198 <history> elements (now) requires a <transition> child element with a default target configuration Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-192 No need to escape single quote (') characters when serializing SCXML expressions Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-190 Check and enforce required scxml element attributes as defined by the specification Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-184 Allow subclasses of SimpleErrorReporter to override the current and only logging handling Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-183 Expose JexlEngine strict/silent mode settings through the JexlEvaluator for easier customization Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-179 Leave more context (location) information when failing to execute JEXL scripts Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-174 Drop ant build support Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-172 Improve CustomActionTest not to depend on test method execution order Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-163 Generics in API Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-162 internal transition in compound state implementation - SCXML spec Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-114 Support for JEXL2 Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.10, 2.0 SCXML-109 Attribute targettype of send and invoke elements changed to type in SCXML Working Draft (7 May 2009) Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-106 Support for XPath as further EL Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-72 Rewrite the IO package for version 2.0 Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-68 Javascript expression evaluator Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-222 Add support for executing the SCXML IRP test cases New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-221 Add "null" datamodel support as required by the SCXML specification New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-197 Better separation of concern between SCXMLExecutor and SCInstance and introducing a new SCXMLExecutionContext New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-196 Redefine SCXMLSemantics to align with the Algorithm for SCXML Interpretation as described in the SCXML specification New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-191 Support foreach element New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-187 Add support for initial SCXML script (SCXML spec 3.2.2: <scxml> children) New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-186 Groovy expression evaluator New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-182 Support error event raising to comply the spec "3.12.2 Errors" New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-154 processing of param children of send actions New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-201 Create 2.0 roadmap milestone 1 tag: Redesign semantics and processing components Task Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-195 Create 2.0 roadmap milestone 0 tag: Cleanup Task Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-194 Drop outdated, incomplete, broken or no longer supported features for SCXML 2.0 Task Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-193 Drop non-functional exit element Task Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-171 Upgrade JUnit dependency to 4.11 Task Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-170 Move to new package and artifact org.apache.commons.scxml2 and version 2.0 Task Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-169 Archive current trunk (0.10) development as a branch (0.xx) and promote/copy the J6 branch (1.0) as new trunk Task Fixed Resolved
2.0 SCXML-39 Deprecations associated with Feb '07 WD changes Task Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-35 Deprecate two argument Data() methods in oacs.Builtin Task Fixed Closed
2.0 SCXML-34 Deprecate oacsm.Invoke#getParams() Task Fixed Closed
0.10 SCXML-98 TestCases should use SCXMLParser Bug Fixed Resolved
0.10 SCXML-93 SCXMLTestHelper generates a lot of serialisation files which are not tidied up Bug Fixed Resolved
0.10 SCXML-97 Upgrade Commons BeanUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.10 SCXML-150 Add relative project section in Commons SCXML index page : http://commons.apache.org/scxml/index.html Task Fixed Closed
0.10 SCXML-107 MyMobileWeb link in "Who is using it?" Wish Fixed Resolved
GSoC SCXML-153 import SCXML should accept *.scxml files Improvement Fixed Closed
GSoC SCXML-137 Implement full support for core module in scxml-js Improvement Fixed Closed
GSoC SCXML-149 Implement Script module for scxml-js New Feature Fixed Closed
GSoC SCXML-148 Implement Data Module for scxml-js New Feature Fixed Closed
GSoC SCXML-143 Implement external communications module for scxml-js New Feature Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-90 event attribute of <send> is not evaluated Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-89 Assign.execute() doesn't remove all children of oldNode (includes fix) Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-88 SCXMLSerializer does not serialize custom namespace declarations Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-87 Delayed events not passing payload Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-86 Using initial attribute of state ends with IllegalArgumentException Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-83 SCXMLSerializer: errors on serialization of <send> Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-82 transition-element as an child of parallel-element ignored Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-81 Bug in parallel state with onentry element Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-79 SCXMLSerializer: nested states have a "parentid" attribute Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-77 <param> is not working properly with only a single "name" attribute Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-76 Serialization of expressions may produce invalid XML Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 SCXML-74 <data> uses "name" attribute instead of "ID" Bug Fixed Closed