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Release History

Version Date Description
1.3 YYYY-MM-DD Release 1.3
1.2 2017-12-12 Release 1.2
1.1 2017-05-23 Release 1.1
1.0 2017-03-04 Incompatible changes ==================== All package names changed from org.apache.commons.text.beta in 1.0-beta-1 to org.apache.commons.text in 1.0. Methods StringEscapeUtils#escapeHtml3Once and StringEscapeUtils#escapeHtml4Once have been removed; see TEXT-40
1.0-beta-1 2017-01-30 First release (beta) of Commons Text

Release 1.3 – YYYY-MM-DD

No changes in this release.

Release 1.2 – 2017-12-12

Type Changes By
Update Upversion commons-lang to 3.7. Fixes TEXT-107. chtompki
Fix Exception thrown in ExtendedMessageFormat using quotes with custom registry. Fixes TEXT-106. Thanks to Benoit Moreau. kinow
Fix StringEscapeUtils#UnEscapeJson doesn't recognize escape signs correctly. Fixes TEXT-100. Thanks to Don Jeba. kinow
Add StrSubstitutor: Ability to turn off substitution in values. Fixes TEXT-74. Thanks to Ioannis Sermetziadis. chtompki
Add RandomStringGenerator able to pass multiple ranges to .withinRange(). Fixes TEXT-97. Thanks to Amey Jadiye. chtompki
Update Deprecate isDelimiter and use HashSets for delimiter checks. Fixes TEXT-98. Thanks to Arun Vinud S S. chtompki
Add WordUtils.initials support for UTF-16 surrogate pairs. Fixes TEXT-89. Thanks to Arun Vinud S S. chtompki
Update WordUtils should treat an empty delimiter array as no delimiters. Fixes TEXT-88. Thanks to Amey Jadiye. chtompki
Update Update RandomStringGenerator to accept a list of valid characters. Fixes TEXT-93. Thanks to Amey Jadiye. chtompki
Add Add CharacterPredicates for ASCII letters (uppercase/lowercase) and arabic numerals. Fixes TEXT-90. pschumacher
Add Added CaseUtils class with camel case conversion support. Fixes TEXT-85. Thanks to Arun Vinud S S. chtompki
Add RandomStringGenerator should be able to generate a String with a random length. Fixes TEXT-91. pschumacher
Update Update commons-lang dependency to version 3.6. Fixes TEXT-92. pschumacher
Update Document that commons-csv should be used in preference to CsvTranslators. Fixes TEXT-83. Thanks to Amey Jadiye. chtompki
Update NumericEntityUnescaper.options - fix TODO. Fixes TEXT-67. kinow
Update RandomStringGenerator claims to be immutable, but isn't. Fixes TEXT-84. djones
Add Add StrLookup.resourceBundleLookup(ResourceBundle). Fixes TEXT-102. ggregory
Fix Typo in LongestCommonSubsequence#logestCommonSubsequence. Fixes TEXT-105. Thanks to Abrasha. pschumacher

Release 1.1 – 2017-05-23

Type Changes By
Update WordUtils should use toXxxxCase(int) rather than toXxxxCase(char). Fixes TEXT-39. Thanks to Amey Jadiye. chtompki
Add WordUtils.abbreviate support. Fixes TEXT-41. Thanks to Amey Jadiye. chtompki
Add Putting WordUtils back in to the codebase. Fixes TEXT-82. Thanks to Amey Jadiye. chtompki
Add Add RandomStringGenerator. Fixes TEXT-81. Thanks to djones. pschumacher
Add RandomStringGenerator: allow users to provide source of randomness. Fixes TEXT-36. Thanks to Raymond DeCampo. pschumacher
Fix Correct round issue in Jaro Winkler implementation. Fixes TEXT-76. kinow
Fix Similar to LANG-1025, clirr fails site build. Fixes TEXT-72. chtompki

Release 1.0 – 2017-03-04

Type Changes By
Fix Investigate locale issue in ExtendedMessageFormatTest. Fixes TEXT-64. Thanks to chtompki. kinow
Fix Resolve PMD/CMD Violations. Fixes TEXT-69. chtompki
Remove Escape HTML characters only once: revert. Fixes TEXT-40. sebb
Fix Fixing the 200 checkstyle errors present in 1.0-beta-1. Fixes TEXT-65. chtompki
Fix Mutable fields should be private. Fixes TEXT-63. sebb

Release 1.0-beta-1 – 2017-01-30

Type Changes By
Fix Incorporate suggestions from RC2 into 1.0 release. Fixes TEXT-62. chtompki
Update Naming packages org.apache.commons.text.beta. Fixes TEXT-61. Thanks to Lee Adcock. chtompki
Fix Upgrading Jacoco for Java 9-ea compatibility. Fixes TEXT-60. Thanks to Lee Adcock. chtompki
Update Refactor EntityArrays to have unmodifiableMaps in leu of String[][]. Fixes TEXT-58. chtompki
Update Prepare site for 1.0 release. Fixes TEXT-53. chtompki
Add Move CvsTranslators out of StringEscapeUtils and make them DRY. Fixes TEXT-56. Thanks to Jarek Strzeleck. chtompki
Remove Remove WordUtils to be added back in an upcoming 1.X release. Fixes TEXT-55. chtompki
Fix Possible attacks through StringEscapeUtils.escapeEcmaScrip better javadoc. Fixes TEXT-52. chtompki
Remove Remove RandomStringGenerator to be added back in the 1.1 release. Fixes TEXT-51. chtompki
Update Upgrade from commons-parent version 41 to version 42. Fixes TEXT-50. chtompki
Add Escape HTML characters only once. Fixes TEXT-40. Thanks to Sampanna Kahu. chtompki
Fix Global vs local source of randomness. Fixes TEXT-37. djones
Fix Fluent API in "RandomStringBuilder". Fixes TEXT-38. djones
Fix Fix JaroWinklerDistance in the manner of LUCENE-1297. Fixes TEXT-26. chtompki
Add Add LCS similarity and distance. Fixes TEXT-32. chtompki
Add Add class to generate random strings. Fixes TEXT-34. djones
Fix Unfinished class Javadoc for CosineDistance. Fixes TEXT-35. kinow
Update Consolidating since tags at 1.0, removing deprecated methods. Fixes TEXT-33. chtompki
Add Add a builder to StringEscapeUtils. Fixes TEXT-29. chtompki
Add Add shell/XSI escape/unescape support. Fixes TEXT-28. chtompki
Fix LevenshteinDistance reduce memory consumption. Fixes TEXT-22. chtompki
Remove Remove org.apache.commons.text.names, for later release than 1.0. Fixes TEXT-31. chtompki
Add Add Jaccard Index and Jaccard Distance. Fixes TEXT-2. Thanks to Don Jeba. chtompki
Add Move org.apache.commons.lang3.StringEscapeUtils.java into text. Fixes TEXT-27. chtompki
Add Moving from commons-lang, the package org.apache.commons.lang3.text. Fixes TEXT-23. chtompki
Add A more complex Levenshtein distance. Fixes TEXT-10. Thanks to Don Jeba. kinow
Add Add coveralls and Travis.ci integration. Fixes TEXT-24. chtompki
Add Add alphabet converter. Fixes TEXT-19. Thanks to Eyal Allweil. kinow
Add Create Commons Text logo. Fixes TEXT-13. kinow
Update Improve HumanNameParser. Fixes TEXT-16. britter
Fix IP clearance for the names package. Fixes TEXT-5. kinow
Add Write user guide. Fixes TEXT-7. kinow
Fix Work on the string metric, distance, and similarity definitions for the project. Fixes TEXT-11. kinow
Add Human name parser. Fixes TEXT-15. kinow
Fix Create StringDistanceFrom class that contains a StringMetric and the "left" side string. This would have a method that accepts the "right" side string to test. Fixes TEXT-12. Thanks to Jonathan baker. kinow
Add Add Cosine Similarity and Cosine Distance. Fixes TEXT-3. kinow
Fix Change (R) StringMetric.compare(CS left, CS right) to "apply" so that it is consistent with BiFunction. Fixes TEXT-8. Thanks to Jonathan Baker. kinow
Fix Allow extra information (e.g. Levenshtein threshold) to be stored as (final) fields in the StringMetric instance. Fixes TEXT-6. Thanks to Jonathan Baker. kinow
Add Port Myers algorithm from [collections]. Fixes TEXT-4. kinow
Add Add Hamming distance. Fixes TEXT-1. kinow
Add Incorporate String algorithms from Commons Lang. Fixes TEXT-9. Thanks to britter. kinow