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The latest release of Commons VFS can be found here .

You will also need to download the jars used by Commons VFS. These are listed below:

Dependency Required For
Commons Logging Version 1.1.1 or later. All
Commons Collections Version 3.1 LRU Cache (optional)
Commons Net Version 2.0 or later. FTP
Commons Httpclient Version 3.0. WebDAV, HTTP, URI Utils
Apache Jackrabbit Version 1.5.2 or later WebDAV
jCIFS Version 0.8.3 or later. CIFS (VFS sandbox)
JSch Version 0.1.42 or later. SFTP
javamail Version 1.4 mime (VFS sandbox)

Building Commons VFS

To obtain the Commons VFS source, you can either:

To build Commons VFS, you can use Maven 2.2.1 or later. Use mvn install to build all the core, examples and sandbox. The jars will then be installed for use by other maven-based builds. The jars can either be copied from the local maven repository or the target sub-directories for non-Maven builds.