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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
2.0 WEAVER-23 privilizer Privilizer Weaver computes Object for all variable types in catch context Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 WEAVER-17 maven-plugin Missing HelpMojo when trying to run mvn clean org.apache.commons:commons-weaver-maven-plugin:help Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 WEAVER-16 core NullPointerException when weaving class with no package Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 WEAVER-26 Upgrade to commons-parent v47 Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 WEAVER-25 privilizer Reject blueprint methods that access entities that would be inaccessible Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 WEAVER-24 privilizer Blueprint method references Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 WEAVER-22 normalizer, privilizer Upgrade modules to ASM 6.2.1 Task Fixed Resolved
2.0 WEAVER-21 core Upgrade xbean-finder to v4.9 Task Fixed Resolved
2.0 WEAVER-20 core, normalizer, privilizer Remove commons-io, commons-collections dependencies Task Fixed Resolved
2.0 WEAVER-19 antlib, core, maven-plugin, normalizer, privilizer Upgrade to Java 8 Task Fixed Resolved
1.3 WEAVER-15 core, maven-plugin m2e build encounters missing class Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 WEAVER-11 modules, normalizer, privilizer bytecode generated with java 7 or 8 is different and can break on earlier versions Bug Fixed Closed
1.3 WEAVER-12 core Provide a mechanism for working with all classfiles found in the weave environment New Feature Fixed Closed
1.3 WEAVER-14 modules, normalizer, privilizer upgrade modules to asm 5.1 Task Fixed Closed
1.3 WEAVER-13 antlib Make Ant tasks' system classpath inclusion optional Task Fixed Closed
1.2 WEAVER-5 core Incomplete sorting code causes infinite loop Bug Fixed Closed
1.2 WEAVER-7 core Support Weaver classloader in addition to context ClassLoader Improvement Fixed Closed
1.2 WEAVER-8 core Add a dependency mechanism for ordering Weavers, Cleaners amongst themselves New Feature Fixed Closed
1.2 WEAVER-6 normalizer, privilizer Convert example modules into proper integration tests Task Fixed Closed
1.1 WEAVER-4 privilizer org.apache.commons.weaver.privilizer.example.UsingBlueprintsTest#testMoreGetTopStackElementClassName() fails on IBM JDKs Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 WEAVER-1 site Enhance [weaver] documentation Improvement Fixed Closed
1.1 WEAVER-3 core Upgrade to latest xbean-finder (3.18) Task Fixed Closed
1.1 WEAVER-2 normalizer, privilizer Upgrade to ASM 5 Task Fixed Closed