Class ForwardAlgorithmicDifferentiator

  extended by org.apache.commons.nabla.algorithmic.forward.ForwardAlgorithmicDifferentiator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ForwardAlgorithmicDifferentiator
extends Object
implements UnivariateDifferentiator

Automatic differentiator class based on bytecode analysis.

This class is an implementation of the UnivariateDifferentiator interface that computes exact differentials completely automatically and generate java classes and instances that compute the differential of the function as if they were hand-coded and compiled.

The derivative bytecode created the first time an instance of a given class is differentiated is cached and will be reused if other instances of the same class are to be created later. The cache can also be dumped in a jar file for use in an application without bringing the full nabla library and its dependencies.

This differentiator can handle only pure bytecode methods and known methods from math implementation classes like Math or StrictMath. Pure bytecode methods are analyzed and converted. Methods from math implementation classes are only recognized by class and name and replaced by predefined derivative code.

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Constructor Summary
          Simple constructor.
Method Summary
 void addMathImplementation(Class<?> mathClass)
          Add an implementation class for mathematical functions.
 UnivariateDerivative differentiate(UnivariateDifferentiable d)
          Create an implementation of a differential for a differentiable function.
 void dumpCache(OutputStream out)
          Dump the cache into a stream.
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Constructor Detail


public ForwardAlgorithmicDifferentiator()
Simple constructor.

Build a ForwardAlgorithmicDifferentiator instance with an empty cache.

Method Detail


public void addMathImplementation(Class<?> mathClass)
Add an implementation class for mathematical functions.

At construction, the differentiator considers only the Math and StrictMath classes are math implementation classes. It may be useful to add other class for example to add some missing functions like inverse hyperbolic cosine that are not provided by the standard java classes as of Java 1.6.

mathClass - implementation class for mathematical functions


public void dumpCache(OutputStream out)
Dump the cache into a stream.

out - output stream where to dump the cache


public UnivariateDerivative differentiate(UnivariateDifferentiable d)
                                   throws DifferentiationException
Create an implementation of a differential for a differentiable function.

Specified by:
differentiate in interface UnivariateDifferentiator
d - differentiable function to differentiate
derivative function
DifferentiationException - if the class cannot be differentiated

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