Commons OGNL Changes

Release History

4.0-incubatingTBDFirst ASF release under Incubation.

Release 4.0-incubating - TBD

updateSimplify OgnlRuntime: Greatly simplified OgnlRuntime, delegating away responsibilities to several new classes. Caching responsibilities are now taken by a new OgnlCache class. Added new classes PrimitiveWrapperClasses, NumericCasts, PrimitiveDefaults, NumericValues, PrimitiveTypes, NumericLiterals and NumericDefaults. (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey). Fixes OGNL-39.mcucchiara
updateUse StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer, deprecate >=JDK1.5 conditionals and use CONSTANT.equals(variable) (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey). Fixes OGNL-38.mcucchiara
fixFindbugs fixes (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey). Fixes OGNL-37.mcucchiara
updateImprovements to {List,Map,Array}PropertyAccessor and ASTProperty (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey). Fixes OGNL-35.mcucchiara
fixLink "Benchmarks" on left hand navigation is broken (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey). Fixes OGNL-36.mcucchiara
updateImprovements to JJTOgnlParserState (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey). Fixes OGNL-33.mcucchiara
updateCPD fix to ASTProperty (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey). Fixes OGNL-32.mcucchiara
updateSome CPD fixes around ASTMethod and ASTStaticMethod (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey). Fixes OGNL-31.mcucchiara
updateVisitor pattern needs way to propagate exceptions (contributed by Daniel Pitts). Fixes OGNL-28.mcucchiara
updateMove "toString" implementations into visitor pattern (contributed by Daniel Pitts). Fixes OGNL-27.simonetripodi
updateJUnit Tests produce confusing output. Fixes OGNL-26.grobmeier
fixClass.forName() usage is malicious inside OSGi (contributed by Adrian Cumiskey) Fixes OGNL-23.simonetripodi
updateChange the generics signature of ClassCache and ClassCacheImpl (with contributions by Daniel Pitts) Fixes OGNL-22.mcucchiara
updateRemove dead and broken code from OgnlRuntime/SimpleNode (with contributions by Daniel Pitts) Fixes OGNL-21.grobmeier
updatePerformance - Replace synchronized blocks with ReentrantReadWriteLock (with contributions by Daniel Pitts) Fixes OGNL-20.mcucchiara, simonetripodi
updateSupport visitor pattern on AST (contributed by Daniel Pitts) Fixes OGNL-24.grobmeier
updateLinks "Download" and "Release Notes" do not work Fixes OGNL-17.mcucchiara
updateOGNL needs a new Logo Fixes OGNL-15.simonetripodi
updateDocumentation site has to be published Fixes OGNL-14.mcucchiara
updateAnt maintenance Fixes OGNL-13.simonetripodi
updateUpdate the User/Developer guide according the Commons standard Fixes OGNL-10.simonetripodi
updateUpgrade JUnit to version4 Fixes OGNL-9.mcucchiara, simonetripodi
updateenabled generation of javacc Parser classes Fixes OGNL-8.grobmeier
updateUpgrade groupId/artifactId/version on pom Fixes OGNL-6.simonetripodi
updateUpdate legals to all OGNL file Fixes OGNL-2.
updateImport the OGNL codebase Fixes OGNL-1.lukaszlenart