Class Suite

  extended by org.apache.commons.latka.Suite

public class Suite
extends Object

References a Latka XML suite, stored either inside a Reader or at a file URI.

Morgan Delagrange
See Also:
Latka#runTests(Suite, org.apache.commons.latka.event.LatkaEventInfo)

Field Summary
protected  URL _url
          test suite URL
Constructor Summary
Suite(URL url)
          Create a test suite from an XML document located at the designated URL.
Method Summary
 URL getURL()
          URL containing the test suite.
 void setURL(URL url)
          Set the URL of the test suite.
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Field Detail


protected URL _url
test suite URL

Constructor Detail


public Suite(URL url)
Create a test suite from an XML document located at the designated URL.

url - of a Latka XML suite
Method Detail


public URL getURL()
URL containing the test suite.

test suite URL


public void setURL(URL url)
Set the URL of the test suite. Much like a SAX InputSource, you may set both a Reader and a URL, indicating that while the base XML document is inside a Reader, the parser resolves entities relative to the given URL.

url - the URL to set

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