Interface Validator

All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseConditionalValidator, BaseValidator, ByteLengthValidator, CookieValidator, GoldenFileValidator, MaxRequestTimeValidator, RegexpValidator, ResponseHeaderValidator, StatusCodeValidator, StatusTextValidator, XPathValidator

public interface Validator

This is the standard interface for custom validation of an HTTP Response in Latka. All custom validators need to implement a Validator class and a ValidationHandler class.

$Revision: 155424 $
Doug Sale, dIon Gillard
See Also:
Response, org.apache.commons.latka.xml.ValidationHandler

Method Summary
 void validate(Response response)
          Run custom validation.

Method Detail


void validate(Response response)
              throws ValidationException
Run custom validation. Latka will provide the HTTP response to this method. The implementer should throw a ValidationException if the Response fails to meet the validation criteria.

response - the HTTP response
ValidationException - if the Response fails to be valid

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