Changes Report

Release History

Version Date Description
1.2 2008-06-02 OSGi enabled / minor bug fixes
1.1 2006-06-14
1.0 2004-12-09 Initial Release

Release 1.2 - 2008-06-02

Type Changes By
add Chain 1.2 is the first OSGi-enabled release. niallp
add Add Example webapp for Servlet Mapper Commands Fixes CHAIN-36. niallp
update Upgrade Commons Logging dependency to 1.1.1 rahul
update Improve instantiation performance of ContextBase subclasses. Fixes CHAIN-32. Thanks to Joshua Graham. niallp
update Update servlet implementation classes to be aware of CatalogFactory Fixes CHAIN-4. Thanks to Joe Germuska. niallp
fix CatalogFactory instance variable prevents ChainProcessor from being serializable. Fixes CHAIN-44. Thanks to FindBugs. niallp
fix ChainListener URL translation does not work as expected. Fixes CHAIN-43. Thanks to Ales Dolecek. niallp
fix Various scope mappers use incorrect equalization. Fixes CHAIN-42. Thanks to Isaac Shabtay. niallp
fix Ant build fails due to usage of old Digester. Fixes CHAIN-41. Thanks to Isaac Shabtay. skitching
fix PathInfoMapper command can not obtain the current catalog instance. Fixes CHAIN-35. niallp
fix Unbalanced tags in JavaDoc for ContextBase class. Fixes CHAIN-34. Thanks to Mark Vedder. niallp
fix Upgrade to Commons Digester 1.8 to fix bug loading webapp resources. Fixes CHAIN-33. niallp
fix Corrections to the project.xml - mark servlet, portlet and myfaces dependencies as "optional" to prevent dependency problems for maven2 users. niallp

Release 1.1 - 2006-06-14

Type Changes By
fix ServletSessionScopeMap always forces a Session to be Created. Fixes CHAIN-30. niallp
fix Portlet Map implementations' entry Set should contain Map.Entry elements. Fixes CHAIN-31. niallp
add Provide a Map of Cookies in the WebContext. Fixes CHAIN-28. niallp
fix Remove Static Log instances - see Fixes CHAIN-29. niallp
fix Modify DispatchCommand so that it will compile using JDK 1.3 (remove JDK 1.4 method). Fixes CHAIN-11. niallp
fix DispatchCommand - fix bug in handling InvocationTargetException. germuska
fix Maven build updates. Fixes CHAIN-9. Thanks to Wendy Smoak. germuska
update CatalogBase - add constructor which takes an already built map of commands, for easier use in dependency-injection environments. germuska
fix DispatchCommand should unwrap InvocationTargetException. Fixes CHAIN-25. germuska
update Expose catalogFactory so that subclasses can get at it. germuska
update Decouple CatalogFactory lookup from LookupAction. Fixes CHAIN-3. germuska
fix Make ContextBase live up to the Serializable contract that it inherits by virtue of extending HashMap. Fixes CHAIN-12. craigmcc
update ChainResources - factor out the comma-delimited parsing into a separate method, fix the whitespace-skipping bugs in it. martinc
update Add support for using LookupCommand in a way which does not pass through the result from the looked up command. germuska
add Add new DispatchLookupCommand. Fixes CHAIN-14. Thanks to Sean Schofield. jmitchell
add Add new test for LookupCommand. Fixes CHAIN-26. Thanks to Sean Schofield. jmitchell
add Add new DispatchCommand. Fixes CHAIN-20. germuska
fix CopyCommand does not work unless setValue is called. Fixes CHAIN-6. jmitchell
add Provide a mechanism for encoding catalog and command in a single string Fixes CHAIN-19. Thanks to Joe Germuska. craigmcc
fix Code fragment from 'cookbook' is incorrect. Fixes CHAIN-1. Thanks to Sergio Moretto. martinc

Release 1.0 - 2004-12-09

Type Changes By
fix Make CatalogBase.getCommand() thread safe. Fixes CHAIN-5. Thanks to Manfred Wolff. mardon
update LookupCommand should use new CatalogFactory. Fixes CHAIN-2. Thanks to Sean Schofield. craigmcc
fix Sample catalog.xml missing tag. Fixes CHAIN-10. Thanks to Sean Schofield. craigmcc
add Add missing new class ConfigCatalogRule. Fixes CHAIN-7. Thanks to Sean Schofield. craigmcc
update Make the impl. class of chainbase configurable. Fixes CHAIN-21. craigmcc
fix Support for new CatalogFactory. Fixes CHAIN-23. Thanks to Sean Schofield. craigmcc
fix tabs to spaces, Log name fix. Fixes CHAIN-8. Thanks to Otis Gospodnetic. martinc
fix should add commons-logging. Fixes CHAIN-15. Thanks to Joe Germuska. husted
update Added JavaDoc and a toString() method to CatalogBase. Fixes CHAIN-22. Thanks to Matthew Sgarlata. husted