Class PatternOptionBuilder


public class PatternOptionBuilder extends Object
Allows Options to be created from a single String. The pattern contains various single character flags and via an optional punctuation character, their expected type.
Overview of PatternOptionBuilder patterns
a -a flag
b@ -b [class name]
c> -c [file name]
d+ -d [class name] (creates object via empty constructor)
e% -e [number] (creates Double/Long instance depending on existing of a '.')
f/ -f [URL]
g: -g [string]

For example, the following allows command line flags of '-v -p string-value -f /dir/file'. The exclamation mark precede a mandatory option.

 Options options = PatternOptionBuilder.parsePattern("vp:!f/");

TODO These need to break out to OptionType and also to be pluggable.