Class AbstractCaverphone

All Implemented Interfaces:
Encoder, StringEncoder
Direct Known Subclasses:
Caverphone1, Caverphone2

public abstract class AbstractCaverphone extends Object implements StringEncoder
Encodes a string into a Caverphone value. This is an algorithm created by the Caversham Project at the University of Otago. It implements the Caverphone 2.0 algorithm:

This class is immutable and thread-safe.

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    • encode

      public Object encode(Object source) throws EncoderException
      Encodes an Object using the caverphone algorithm. This method is provided in order to satisfy the requirements of the Encoder interface, and will throw an EncoderException if the supplied object is not of type String.
      Specified by:
      encode in interface Encoder
      source - Object to encode
      An object (or type String) containing the caverphone code which corresponds to the String supplied.
      EncoderException - if the parameter supplied is not of type String.
    • isEncodeEqual

      public boolean isEncodeEqual(String str1, String str2) throws EncoderException
      Tests if the encodings of two strings are equal. This method might be promoted to a new AbstractStringEncoder superclass.
      str1 - First of two strings to compare
      str2 - Second of two strings to compare
      true if the encodings of these strings are identical, false otherwise.
      EncoderException - thrown if there is an error condition during the encoding process.