Class PrototypeFactory


public class PrototypeFactory extends Object
Factory implementation that creates a new instance each time based on a prototype.

WARNING: from v4.1 onwards Factory instances returned by prototypeFactory(Object) will not be serializable anymore in order to prevent potential remote code execution exploits. Please refer to COLLECTIONS-580 for more details.

  • Method Details

    • prototypeFactory

      public static <T> Factory<T> prototypeFactory(T prototype)
      Factory method that performs validation.

      Creates a Factory that will return a clone of the same prototype object each time the factory is used. The prototype will be cloned using one of these techniques (in order):

      • public clone method
      • public copy constructor
      • serialization clone
      Type Parameters:
      T - the type the factory creates
      prototype - the object to clone each time in the factory
      the prototype factory, or a ConstantFactory.NULL_INSTANCE if the prototype is null
      IllegalArgumentException - if the prototype cannot be cloned