Class CodecEncoding


public class CodecEncoding extends Object
CodecEncoding is used to get the right Codec for a given meta-encoding.
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    • getCanonicalCodec

      public static BHSDCodec getCanonicalCodec(int i)
    • getCodec

      public static Codec getCodec(int value, InputStream in, Codec defaultCodec) throws IOException, Pack200Exception
      Gets the codec specified by the given value byte and optional byte header. If the value is >= 116, then bytes may be consumed from the secondary input stream, which is taken to be the contents of the band_headers byte array. Since the values from this are consumed and not repeated, the input stream should be reused for subsequent encodings. This does not therefore close the input stream.
      value - the canonical encoding value
      in - the input stream to read additional byte headers from
      defaultCodec - TODO
      the corresponding codec, or null if the default should be used
      IOException - if there is a problem reading from the input stream (which in reality, is never, since the band_headers are likely stored in a byte array and accessed via a ByteArrayInputStream. However, an EOFException could occur if things go wrong)
      Pack200Exception - TODO
    • getSpecifier

      public static int[] getSpecifier(Codec codec, Codec defaultForBand)
    • getSpecifierForDefaultCodec

      public static int getSpecifierForDefaultCodec(BHSDCodec defaultCodec)