Class SegmentUtils


public final class SegmentUtils extends Object
Utility class for unpack200
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    • countArgs

      public static int countArgs(String descriptor)
    • countArgs

      protected static int countArgs(String descriptor, int widthOfLongsAndDoubles)
      Count the number of arguments in the descriptor. Each long or double counts as widthOfLongsAndDoubles; all other arguments count as 1.
      descriptor - String for which arguments are counted
      widthOfLongsAndDoubles - int increment to apply for longs doubles. This is typically 1 when counting arguments alone, or 2 when counting arguments for invokeinterface.
      integer count
    • countBit16

      public static int countBit16(int[] flags)
    • countBit16

      public static int countBit16(long[] flags)
    • countBit16

      public static int countBit16(long[][] flags)
    • countInvokeInterfaceArgs

      public static int countInvokeInterfaceArgs(String descriptor)
    • countMatches

      public static int countMatches(long[] flags, IMatcher matcher)
    • countMatches

      public static int countMatches(long[][] flags, IMatcher matcher)