public class IincForm extends ByteCodeForm
This class implements the byte code form for the iinc instruction. It has a local reference and a byte operand.
  • Constructor Details

    • IincForm

      public IincForm(int opcode, String name, int[] rewrite)
  • Method Details

    • setByteCodeOperands

      public void setByteCodeOperands(ByteCode byteCode, OperandManager operandManager, int codeLength)
      Description copied from class: ByteCodeForm
      When passed a byteCode, an OperandTable and a SegmentConstantPool, this method will set the rewrite of the byteCode appropriately.
      Specified by:
      setByteCodeOperands in class ByteCodeForm
      byteCode - ByteCode to be updated (!)
      operandManager - OperandTable from which to draw info
      codeLength - Length of bytes (excluding this bytecode) from the beginning of the method. Used in calculating padding for some variable-length bytecodes (such as lookupswitch, tableswitch).