public class NoArgumentForm extends ByteCodeForm
This class implements the byte code form of all bytecodes which either have no operands (such as nop) or have all their operands passed on the stack (not encoded as bytes in the bytecode streams).
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    • setByteCodeOperands

      public void setByteCodeOperands(ByteCode byteCode, OperandManager operandManager, int codeLength)
      Description copied from class: ByteCodeForm
      When passed a byteCode, an OperandTable and a SegmentConstantPool, this method will set the rewrite of the byteCode appropriately.
      Specified by:
      setByteCodeOperands in class ByteCodeForm
      byteCode - ByteCode to be updated (!)
      operandManager - OperandTable from which to draw info
      codeLength - Length of bytes (excluding this bytecode) from the beginning of the method. Used in calculating padding for some variable-length bytecodes (such as lookupswitch, tableswitch).