Interface ConfigurationDecoder

public interface ConfigurationDecoder

An interface for decoding encoded values from a configuration source.

Using this interface it is possible to store encoded or encrypted values in a configuration file. An implementing object can be assigned to a configuration object. The getEncodedString() method of the ImmutableConfiguration interface makes use of this instance to decode the value read from the configuration file before it is passed to the caller.

By providing custom implementations of this interface an application can add support for different kinds of encoded strings in configuration files.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Decodes the specified string.
  • Method Details

    • decode

      Decodes the specified string. This method is called with a string in encoded form read from a configuration file. An implementation has to be perform an appropriate decoding and return the result. This result is passed to the calling application; so it should be in a readable form.
      s - the string to be decoded (not null)
      the decoded string